Begin: 04.12.2017
End: 31.12.2018


Prof. Dr. Andreas Winter
Dr.-Ing. Dilshodbek Kuryazov
Dr. Christian Schönberg

In this cooperation project, TARGIS GmbH and the University of Oldenburg examine approaches to software development and maintenance, including tool support. These approaches are targeted to the concrete requirements of the TARGIS GmbH, and are tested and refined in an application environment.

Development of large and complex software products is a challenging endeavor. Different processes and an interplay between different roles are crucial to its success. These processes need to be understood and formalized, interfaces between roles need to be defined, and the necessary tool support needs to be available.

Goal of the J@TA project is to identify and describe the processes at the TARGIS GmbH and to define the required tooling to support the practical process application.


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