Multi-viewpoint IoT development

Begin: 10.03.2020


Prof. Dr. Andreas Winter
M. Sc. Muzaffar Artikov

IoT is a multi-aspect domain that encompass heterogeneous technology stack applying hardware, software and network. Moreover, IoT development activities require the participation of various stakeholders that provide expertise in different domains and they have different concerns regarding the system. These concerns may cover different aspects of the IoT system, such as system requirements, interoperability between hardware and software, network aspects, etc. To effectively conduct development activities, stakeholders need a common infrastructure, where they can address their concerns regarding the system from their own viewpoint. Concerns may cover various aspects like requirements, “thing” components, services, etc. As stakeholders work on different aspects of the IoT system, there is a need to ensure the consistency of the elements within the system. Therefore, viewpoints need to be integrated to allow keeping elements synchronized in different views.

This project addresses challenges of describing IoT aspects in the form of viewpoints and integration of viewpoints.

Outcomes of this project comprise common infrastructure for stakeholders to develop IoT systems, classification scheme of related IoT aspects and consistency between IoT elements. In addition, having common infrastructure assists on many development activities like testing, documentation and so on.


Completed Theses

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