Beschreibung von Änderungen in Aktivitätsdiagrammen (Describing Changes in Activity Diagrams)

Bachelorarbeit in der Abteilung Softwaretechnik


Software evolution is witnessing the increasing need of tools for visualizing and representing changes of various versions of software systems on all levels of development including requirements, designing, coding, and testing. Current most versioning tools use a text based approach to represent differences on code level (for instance cf. Diff with is applied in [RCS], [CVS], [SCCS] and [subversion]). Tool approaches for representing version differences of models like activity diagrams only exist in research prototypes like [ADDiff].


Activity diagrams are widely using on modeling of business processes, workflows and web services. This thesis will address the development of a concept of describing differences between versions of activity diagrams and apply this concept to an use case (a business process).

Prof. Dr. Andreas Winter ()
Dr.-Ing. Dilshodbek Kuryazov ()

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Modeling Deltas

Since large scaled software models typically exist in many revisions, extraction and representation of differences between versions is a crucial issue of model versioning systems. While handling model differences is playing an essential role in evolution of models, there is a need for appropriate techniques to maintain model changes and analyse model histories. This PhD thesis intents to reveal appropriate approaches to versioning software models which is substantial challenge of current MVCS.


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