Generic Model Difference Calculation

Bachelorarbeit in der Abteilung Softwaretechnik


Collaborative modelling is a key component of software development. There are currently no versioning systems available, that support the modelling process in a way that doesn't restrict developers to a certain modelling tool. Versioning is based on differences that are stored and used to create different versions of the versioned objects. These differences are being calculated by difference calculation algorithms that calculate the difference between two versioned objects. A general algorithm for difference calculation is being presented in this thesis.


Research on current model difference calculation algorithms provides an appropriate algorithm that is chosen based on runtime complexity, detection correctness and the general capability to handle any model type or language. To validate the correctness of the chosen algorithm, a tool that calculates differences between two UML activity diagrams is exemplary conceptualised and implemented. As a result, the chosen algorithm and the concept of the examplary implementation of a difference calculation tool could be used for general model difference calculation in a model versioning system.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Winter ()
Dr.-Ing. Dilshodbek Kuryazov ()

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