Project Lead

Dr. Michael Siegel


Living Lab Maritime

Physical Testbed

The cooperative eNavigation simulation system is acompanied by the physical testbed LABSKAUS (laboratory for safte critical experiements at sea). LABSKAUS is a living lab for experiments and traffic survailance and provides a grounding for the HAGGIS simulation experiments.  LABSKAUS offers services for eNavigation experiments. Services are a reference waterway, a research harbour, a mobile bridge system and a Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) System. One generic element for its implementation is the Navibox for mobil sensor systems.

Reference Waterway

The Reference Waterway covers the Elbe and Kiel Canal Approach near Brunsbüttel, Germany. It covers a basic maritime surveilanvce infrastructur with three Naviboxes (including AIS, Radar, cameras) and broad band communication via Satelite and LTE. The system is used as a experimental plattform and for demonstration of new technologies as well for setting up a database with travel pattern and near collisions.

Research Harbour

The research harbor adresses experiments for sensor data fusion. The small port Gestemündung in Bremerhaven, Germany has a ferry terminal, berths and an entry to a popular double lock.
The research harbor is equiped with a mobile sensor network of naviboxes especially to experiment with optical systems (visual light, IR and UV) in cameras and laser systems. The naviboxes set up an ad hoc sensornetwork with broadband communication.

Mobile Bridge

For bridge experiments in lab and on ship a mobile bridge system allows set up of a experimental bridge on board without interfering with the vessels navigation systems. It provides a Raytheon Integrated Bridge in its standard configuration (other software is optional) and is linked to a Navibox which provides required navigational data such as compass, gps. AIS, log, lot, radar, as well as a broad band communication system. This Mobile Bridge is used for experiments with assistance systems and for humand centered design analysis.
Its mobile design consists of an controlling unit modular mounted with a pc station.
The controlling unit enables ship steering e.g. put the rudder, the pc works as ECDIS and radar display as common on ship bridge systems. The overall mobile bridge system is transportable within a box including display components, and ready-to-use for experimental applications with or without external power supply.
From the software perspective it is possible to connected simulation environments to the mobile bridge e.g. to send simulated sensor data.

VTS System

At the maritime research center in Elsfleth a experimental VTS System by SIGNALIS is implemented. It can be linked to the Reference Waterway and the Research Harbor as well to the shipping simulators at the local training center of the Jade Hochschule. It consists of a pc system and multitouch display components which are used for HMI research applications in order to improve designs of current state of the art.


The Navibox is a mobile, connectable sensor data hub with supports navigational data on board as well data for maritime surveilance systems. Sensors can be configured ad libitum.  The Navibox supports WLAN and Broad Band WAN communication facilities. The box is a aluminium case and comes with a radar pole.

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