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Claudia Batisweiler

Neele Henkenberens

A14 0-039 und 0-040 Lecture Hall Center Haarentor
W02B 02-299 Campus Wechloy

Consultation appointments (Phone, video and presence) by arrangement.

Family service

Family service

The University of Oldenburg has been recognized as a family-friendly university since 2004 and became a member of the ‘Family at University’ best practice club in 2014. The University is committed to developing working and study conditions which are suitable for families. Family is understood as a social concept describing long-term responsibility for other people. Members of the family include children, parents, married partners, life partners, siblings, grandparents and people in need of care irrespective of family relationship.


Counseling concept of the Family Service

The compatibility of family and work / studies implies many different challenges and can become a problem due to multiple burdens. The family service of the University of Oldenburg supports you in your search for sustainable solutions for the compatibility of work / study and family.

For this purpose, we offer you confidential, resource-oriented and solution-oriented advice on the Haarentor and Wechloy campuses. Our advice is individual, low-threshold and personal, because every person has their own situation and their own idea of ​​a good balance between family and work.

"The longer you stand in front of the door, the more foreign you become" (Franz Kafka)

We would like to encourage you to get in touch with us at an early stage and to use the advice provided by the family service for you and your family.

In order to take advantage of our counseling services, you can make an appointment for a counseling with us by email or telephone. The counseling appointment can be made by phone, video or in person.
We are currently offering advice via telephone and video.

Counseling subjects

Possible subjects for advice can be, for example:

  • You are new to the university and would like to find out about the options for combining work / study and family
  • You are pregnant and need advice on which steps should be taken with regard to maternity protection, parental leave, parental allowance, child care, etc. and when.
  • You take care of one or more people in your family and the whole situation keeps you puzzled. For example, you find it increasingly difficult to relax and find balance.
  • You are caring for a relative and would like to know which options for time off and / or reducing working hours you can take advantage of
  • Counseling and information on discussion groups and networking opportunities for like-minded people

There is a wide range of concerns and questions relating to the topic of combining studies / work and family, not all of them are listed here, but you are welcome to come to us with it. In most cases, it can be clarified in advance by telephone whether we are the right contact person for your concern or who this could be for you. In order to provide you with competent advice, it is important that you come to us with your concerns and do not wait too long.

Holiday care - Easter 2022

We will offer holiday care in the parent-child rooms on the Wechloy campus (W02B 02-296) during the Easter holidays.
As the Corona pandemic regulations are still in force, certain restrictions will apply, including the following:

  • We will only accept school children aged 6-12 in order to avoid mixing school and day-care children. 
  • We can look after up to 12 children at any time.
  • You can choose to register your children either for the first week of the holidays or for both weeks. Registration for the second holiday week only is not possible. 
  • We are available from 7:30 am to 2:00 pm. Unfortunately, we cannot provide full-day care with lunch due to the current hygiene regime.

Even under the current restrictions, we will do our utmost to ensure your children have a pleasant and interesting time here.

Further information on the hygiene concept can be found at: 
To register, use the following link:

(Changed: 2022-04-20)