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Dr. Jessica Koschate

Oldenburg Hospital AöR

Dr. Julia Schlotmann (senior physician)

Drop it

"Drop it - blood pressure regulation in sitting and standing".

In order to move safely from a lying position to a standing position, not only must there be sufficient muscle strength, but the blood pressure must also react appropriately. The change of position causes a brief redistribution of blood in the body. The body counteracts this redistribution through the so-called "orthostasis reaction", e.g. by increasing the heartbeat.

An impaired "orthostasis reaction" can lead, among other things, to dizziness or, in particularly serious cases, to a brief loss of consciousness - i.e. syncope. Not infrequently, these symptoms lead to falls with serious injuries.

In the clinical context, it is important to record the functionality of the "orthostasis reaction" and to be able to specifically improve it if there is a restriction. The regular test requires the patient to stand up. Especially during an inpatient stay, this is not always possible, for example due to injuries. For this reason, the geriatric ward and the geriatric trauma centre of the Oldenburg Clinic are investigating whether the functionality of the orthostasis reaction can also be recorded during the transition from lying to sitting.


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