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Prof. Dr. -Ing. Andreas Hein

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Study implementation

Lea-Christin Field

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Gang Laboratory A03-308



Mobile analysis and classification of gait and balance disorders

Project logo created by: Ms Yvonne Feld, "Thank you very much" from the entire geriatric team.

An increased incidence of near falls (such as trips, slips or missteps) and a worsening response to these events, are linked to an increased risk of falls. Fall events are among the most common reasons for hospitalisation and immobilisation in old age. Early detection is very important to increase the success of preventive measures.

In the mGang project, we want to detect near falls or the reaction to them and bring them from the high-tech professional laboratory into people's everyday lives. A mobile assessment outside the laboratory offers the perspective of higher availability, better mapping of everyday situations and additional diagnostic information. Gait data is recorded on the one hand with professional laboratory equipment and on the other hand with generally available devices, such as smartphones and hearing aids, and then compared. In order to simulate near falls under safe conditions, standardised disturbances are provoked with a perturbation treadmill while the test persons are secured. In addition, the test persons will walk a distance of 6 m on level and uneven ground and undergo various geriatric tests.

In the long term, the valid recording of near falls and the evaluation of the reaction to them will be carried out with the help of generally available mobile technology (smartphones, hearing aids).

The project belongs to the interdisciplinary potential area of mobile Health (mHealth) of the University of Oldenburg, which aims to develop basic principles and prototype solutions for applications of mobile, digital health support via smartphone.

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