Director of Studies

Prof. Dr. med. Tania Zieschang



Michel Hackbarth


Detection of age-dependent differences in dynamic balance during walking as fall protection-.
Relationships with functional parameters (EDDY-PRO)

Falls are a significant cost factor for the healthcare system. It is important to analyse the reasons for falls in order to be able initiate falls prevention with appropriate physical training or adjustments in daily life. One of the main factors for an increased risk of falling is impaired balance. Perturbations on a treadmill can be used to analyse reactive dynamic balance, which is often required in daily life (slippery conditions, starting of a bus). With the help of a perturbation treadmill, patients can be tested and trained under safe conditions in a standardized and reproducible manner. Currently research with older individuals with a history of falls concerning their dynamic reactive balance on a perturbation treadmill and comparison to older or younger healthy adults is missing. Previous studies only aimed to compare older and younger healthy individuals. No significant differences were found between these groups. The goal of the EDDY-PRO study is then to determine, if differences exist between a group of older (≥ 70 yrs) individuals with a history of falls and older (≥ 70 yrs) and younger (18-30 yrs) individuals without a history of falls. The participants are interviewed regarding their medication intake, as well as various other aspects of the individual fall risk. Furthermore, the participants will perform different functional tests.

Are you interested in the study and do you have questions about participation? Please send us an with the subject "EDDY-PRO" or contact us at 0441/798-4699.

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