Head of project

Victoria Burke

+49 (0)441 798-4683

AG Hydrogeologie/ Landschaftswasserhaushalt 
IBU, Fk. V, Gebäude A1 
Carl von Ossietzky Universität
D-26111 Oldenburg

Junior Research Group Animal Pharmaceuticals

Supported by Kurt Eberhard Bode-Stiftung in the founder's association


Dr. Victoria Burke
Head of project

Wiebke Lühring
Research scientist

Anne Mehrtens, M.Sc.





Title of project: Behaviour of animal pharmaceuticals in soil and groundwater

The input of anthropogenic trace substances into the environment, such as human and veterinary pharmaceutical residues or industrial chemicals, has increasingly become the focus of scientific and social attention in recent years. Modern analytical methods allow the detection of these anthropogenic contaminants even in low concentration ranges, and thus numerous drug findings in the various environmental compartments are reported in the literature. Various studies in recent years have also demonstrated a number of negative effects of these substances on humans, animals and the environment. One of the main sources of residues of veterinary medicinal products in the (aquatic) environment is the application of fertilisers to agricultural land. Within the framework of the planned research project, this input path will be investigated and quantitatively evaluated by means of laboratory and field experiments on different scales. The aim is to generate a new understanding of the processes involved in the degradation and transport behaviour of veterinary pharmaceuticals in the environmental compartments of groundwater and soil, and to transfer this understanding to practical application, for example by means of a concept for the sustainable use of agricultural fertilisers. With regard to the protection of water resources, the environmental relevance of frequently used veterinary medicinal products will be assessed and key parameters that significantly influence the behaviour of these substances will be identified.

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