Subproject 2

Subproject 2

Welcome to the Data Portal of the Jade Bay Project

Using the “Case Study Jade Bay” as an example, the working group Integrative Modeling (AG IM) of the ICBM creates the professional and technical concept for a data management across institutions and disciplines for coastal research in Lower Saxony.

Building a data warehouse is always useful when data from existing databases is stored centrally in order to support well-known and frequently recurring enquiries and analyses.As in any research project, the enquiries and analyses of existing data are only partially known.On the contrary, enquiries and analyses often changethroughout the project.To meet this requirement, a flexible and extensible approach is required.

The research and experience of existing spatial data infrastructures (SDI) could provide a framework for this broader approach.Research has shown that there are very few proven methods, and not all existing approaches will meet the needs of interdisciplinary coastal research. Characteristic features of the marine study area such as their dynamics are not fully taken into account in the more terrestrially oriented SDIs.

The research approach of this sub-project was therefore extended by architectural studies to establish a Lower Saxony Coastal Information System (NdsKIS). In particular, additional infrastructural studies will be carried out, conceptual alternatives examined for their feasibility, and technological requirements will be specified for the NdsKIS and the integration of existing systems.

Furthermore, a platform is provided for all participants for an internal exchange of data and information.


  • Management: Dr. Dietmar Kraft,
  • NdsKIS: Dr. Rainer Roosmann,
  • Data Portal: Dr. Jürgen Meyerdirks, (functional),
    Fred Hasselhorst, (technical)
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