Prof. Dr. Monika Ortmann

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Prof. Dr. Clemens Hillenbrand

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Conferences and Symposiums

The conferences and symposiums have served to qualify the scientific teaching staff of the new course of study “Disability Studies and Rehabilitation” in Dohuk. Because the newly implemented course of study is unique in Iraq and constitutes an innovative measure, there is no suitable, specialized and university-trained staff in the university of Dohuk or other universities in Kurdistan Regional Government. The tense political and economic situation in this region prevents the university from acquiring qualified specialist staff from other countries.

Because of this tense situation which the German foreign ministry Berlin classified as dangerous, the project team of the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg is not allowed to travel to Dohuk to hold or participate in conferences and symposiums. In accordance with the regulations of the German Academic Exchange Service, the conferences and symposiums take place at CvO University Oldenburg or other places in designated third countries.

The contents and didactic working methods are in accordance with the needs and study-related interests of the participants of the conference and are cooperatively set and prepared in advance. 

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