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Prof. Dr. Clemens Hillenbrand

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Iraqi guest scientists in Oldenburg

Another sustainable offer for the development and expansion of the university teaching and practical trainings in the course of study “Disability Studies and Rehabilitation” at the university of Dohuk is the possibility for Iraqi scientists to do an academic exchange in Oldenburg. This is a cooperation between the Iraqi project team and the Institute for Special Needs Education and Rehabilitation Oldenburg.

During this 2-3 month research stay, the lecturers from Dohuk get the chance to participate in disability studies and rehabilitation lectures and seminars as well as visit other institutions for disability and rehabilitation in the region and the city of Oldenburg to gain specialist knowledge and competences. 

This research stay also gives the chance to share experiences between the scientists from both nations and universities. Knowledge about the culture specific traditions of life and manner is also shared and experienced. Participation in social and cultural life of the host country is also supported. 

There is a special focus on the support for female scientists.

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