Instructions for installation

Instructions for installation

This software was developed using tools of various producers. Unfortunately an automatic install procedure is not possible. Therefore a few manual settings are required for a successfull run of this software.

I. Operating system:

Windows 95 (b-Release) or Windows NT 4.0 is required.

II. Settings of the graphic device:

The screen design is optimal using the following settings:

1. Go to: Start Settings Control Panel Display Settings

2. Font size: Select "Large fonts", in the laptop version select "Small fonts"

3. Resolution: Select at least "1024 by 768 pixels", in the laptop version select "800 by 600 pixels"

4. Colors: Select at least 32768 different colors, optimum 24 Bit. If you use 256 colors the pictures are not displayed properly.

III. Installation

To install this program:

1. If you want to install from CD, put in the CD

2. Go to: Start Settings Control Panel Add/Remove Programs

3. Click "Install"

4. Select "Next"

5. Select "setup.exe" on your hard disc or on the CD

6. Click "Finish"

7. Follow the instructions displayed. Important: Do not change the name of the installation folder ("fifb_doc").

8. If the Borland Database Engine (BDE) is already installed (with applications like Delphi, DBase, etc.) do not install the BDE.

IV. Installation of the ODBC-driver for the GIS components

To install the ODBC-driver for MapObjects run the ODBC setup. You will find it in the folder "Survival of populations".


2. Click "Continue"

3. Click the selection "ESRI Shapefile"

4. Click "OK"

5. Click "Close"

6. Click "OK"

V. Registration of the components

Some of the components of this software require an explicit registration.

1. Go to the program folder "Survival of populations"

2. Start "Registration"

3. Follow the instructions displayed

VI. Instructions for use

After starting the program you will find instructions for use.

1. Click

2. Select "Instructions"

(Changed: 2021-04-30)