what and for whom

what and for whom

What is the purpose of this compilation and for whom has it been designed ?

This library resulted from an interdisciplinary research project on the viability of animal and plant populations in the agricultural landscape.

It is the multimedia-processsing of results of this project, however, it is likely to be of general interest due to its consideration of ecological theory.

The library addresses high-school and university teachers who want to present ecological issues in a modern way. The presented topics can either be directly shown from a laptop with a corresponding presentation device or indirectly via printed transparents in the auditorium.

But for students as well this compilation is to provide an easy introduction to population ecology.

For researchers the documented GIS-database may be of interest. It provides maps on topography, soil, vegetation, fauna and flora. For instance, the database can be used to validate ecological models developed in other landscapes.

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