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Here are some videos that were made within the scope of FLiF+ and FoL+ projects. Further down are photo galleries form project-related events.


2nd World Congress on Undergraduate Research

Am 23. - 25. Mai 2019 findet in Oldenburg der "2nd  World Congress on Undergraduate Research" statt. Zu diesem Anlass haben Studierende aus der ganzen Welt die Möglichkeit, Beiträge Ihrer eignen Forschungsarbeiten einzureichen.

Das Video spielt mit verschiedenen typografischen Elementen und weist auf die verbleibende Abgabefrist der Einreichungen hin. (ca. 0:25 min)

Class Business and Legal Chinese

In Winter Semester 17/18, Professor Lin Guo from Wuhan University (China) offered class Business and Legal Chinese and collaborated with students at the University of Oldenburg. At the end of the semester students took an oral exam. (7:30 min, English subtitles).

Lukas Haasis in an interview about his class Despicable Me – The Concept of Self in the Early Modern Age. On 2 December 2016, Lucas Haasis received the prize for teaching in category Research-Based Learning. (3:30 min, in German only).



A three-part series Historical News was conceived and produced in cooperation with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (Institute of History). This video series was prompted by the exhibition  'Ein frey und offen Landt?' - Die Dänisch-Oldenburgische Personalunion 1667-1773, which took place at the University of Oldenburg, 28 July – 28 August 2017.

Historical News Part One (17:40 min) (in German only)

Historical New Part Two (6:40 min) (in German only)

Historical News Part Two (8:13 min) (in German only))


Videos for Social Media

Photo Gellery

Second Day of Teaching and Learning at the University of Oldenburg

On the 29th of November the Day of Teaching and Learning took place for the second time at the University of Oldenburg. Focus was the university-wide exchange about teaching and learning.

Photo Gallery: Second day of Teaching and Learning on 29 November 2018

Poster Presentation Master Programme Neurocognitive Psychology

For several months, students in the graduate programme Neurocognitive Psychology worked on their projects and collected, analysed and interpreted data. On 25 April 2018, they presented their research posters to professors, staff, instructors, doctoral students as well as to fellow students of the Department for Psychology. Several anonymous reviewers were also among the visitors. They assigned scores to all ten-minute presentations. The award for the best poster – chosen by students and not related to reviewers’ scores – went to Julius Welzel for his poster Individualization of MI rehabilitative BCIs.

Photo Gallery: Poster Presentation Master Programme Neurocognitive Psychology

Conference – Initiative for Quality Teaching in Lower Saxony

The Initiative for Quality Teaching in Lower Saxony is a network of institutions funded through the Quality Pact for Teaching, joint programme of the states and federal governments. Members of the initiative are institutions of higher education from Lower Saxony and bordering federal city states (Bremen and Hamburg).

On 15-16 February 2018, members of the network met in Oldenburg. Click below for photos.

Photo Gallery: Members of the Initiative for Quality Teaching in Lower Saxony met on 15-16 February in Oldenburg

Second week of Learning Through Research of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, 15-18 January 2018

What do we actually do in the humanities and social sciences?

Students and teaching staff of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences organised The Week of Research-Based Learning for the second time in January 2018. Approaches, questions and research projects developed in recent courses were presented to the public.

Photo Gallery: Second Week of Learning Through Research, 15-18 January 2018

First Day of Teaching and Learning at the University of Oldenburg

Jointly organised by schools and the Department for Study Affairs, the event was arranged under the auspices of Vice President for Student Affairs and Equal Opportunities. On 29 November 2017, the entire day was devoted to teaching as well as learning in higher education.

Photo Gallery: Day of Teaching and Learning on 29 November 2017

Second Conference for Student Research

Forschung vermitteln – Communicating Research – the second edition of the interdisciplinary conference for student research took place at the Humboldt University in Berlin on 21-22 September 2017. Just like at the conference in Oldenburg the year before, students had the chance to present their own research in form of talks or poster presentations.

Photo Gallery: Second Conference for Student Research 21-22 September 2017

National Interdisciplinary Conference for Student Research

At the conference forschen@studium – Conference for Student Research (08-10 June 2016), over 100 students presented a wide spectrum of undergraduate research. The range – astrophysics, sea energy systems, foreign-language pedagogy, cultural psychology – could not have been wider and promised an interesting interdisciplinary exchange.

The scope of the conference forschen@studium went far beyond regional activities. The participants came from almost 50 universities – form Lörrach to Hamburg, from Dresden to Aachen.

Photo Gallery: Conference for Student Research, 08-10 June 2016

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