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Psychological Counselling for Employees

Psychological Counselling for Employees

Stressful situations and conflicts exist everywhere, even in everyday work at a university. What counts most is how we deal with them. Committed to respectful relationships, the University of Oldenburg strives to achieve fair and appreciative cooperation among university members. This is necessary for good working conditions and helps to foster a humane working environment.

Treating yourself and others well is important to maintaining or regaining your health and your pleasure at work. In a stressful situation, an open conversa­tion can open up avenues to the understanding and resolution of the problem, as well as its prevention in the future. Recognizing and dealing with difficult issues and conflicts as early as possible can prevent harm to the stability of employees and the ways in which they work together.

The option of psychological counselling is available to all employees of the University of Oldenburg. During working hours, it is directly available to you, without bureaucratic obstacles and in full confidentiality. The service is bound to secrecy, so your information is safe.

Dr. Astrid Beermann

Main Areas of Counselling Expertise

  • Psychological stress, personal and professional development issues
  • Challenges and potential development in day-to-day management and in team situations
  • Conflict counselling and conflict prevention as well as "best practice orientation"


Sociologist, systemic counsellor and therapist (DGSF/SG), consultant and coach (DGSF, DGSv), mediator (DGSF), systemic teaching consultant/therapist/mediator (DGSF), European Certification of Psychotherapy (ECP), industrial clerk

Dr Astrid Beermann has worked for 20 years as a systemic counsellor and therapist, consultant, coach and mediator in practice and teaching, including 14 years at the University of Oldenburg in the Centre for Lifelong Learning. Long-term cooperation and networking with universities, specialist and professional associations in the context of counselling, therapy, training and further education. Board member (unpaid) of the German Association for Systemic Therapy, Counselling and Family Therapy (DGSF) and deputy spokeswoman for the DGSF department for academic systemic research and teaching. Member of the German Association for Supervision and Coaching (DGSv). Academic research and teaching on factors in change processes of personal and professional development

Frank Haber

Main Areas of Counselling Expertise

  • Individual psychological crises and problems in private life
  • Dealing with stress and feelings of being overwhelmed in private and professional contexts
  • English-speaking and diversity-sensitive psychological counselling


Qualified psychologist, behavioural therapist (legally qualified according to the German psychotherapy law), intercultural trainer and coach, stress management trainer, blogger

Frank Haber has been committed to promoting mental health and intercultural competence at universities for 20 years. He initially worked at Jacobs University, where he set up a psychological counselling centre and supported the univers­ity in the development and application of policies to promote diversity in counselling and teaching. In the last 10 years, he has worked as a trainer for the International Campus Mental Health and as a member and chair (2016-20) of the Guidance and Counselling steering group of the European Association for International Education. Frank Haber has been a member of University of Oldenburg’s Psychological Counselling Service since 2018 and has also been responsible at this service for the psychological counselling of employees since 2021.

Current events

Productive and health-conscious - working from home in a pandemic

Lunchtime talk on 24/03/2021, 1pm - 1:30pm (online)

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Working from home in a pandemic

Group programme, currently online, will start in April 2021

Organised by Frank Haber and Dr. Astrid Beermann

Please register informally by writing to or  

Working from home in a pandemic presents new challenges. Mobile working in the context of changed professional and private scope for action can result in both positive and negative experiences. How do you experience your situation? What comes easy, what comes hard? What do you wish for the future? This group will enable an open exchange about this topic and is open to all employees. It is an open group with 8-10 places, which you can attend regularly or less frequently.

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