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Gender and Diversity Management Officer

Dr. Janina Leyk

+49 (0)441 798-4678

Equality measures

With the following measures, we would like to contribute to improving equal opportunities at the faculty. In addition to the measures designed specifically for Faculty VI, we would also like to refer here to various offers of the university, which include special courses and further education opportunities for women.

We will be happy to advise you on individual matters.

Funding for congress participation for (young) women* scientists

Who can apply for funding and what is it for?

(Junior) female scientists* and clinically active (junior) female scientists* can apply once a year for a travel allowance for the active participation (e.g. poster presentation or lecture) in or for the organization of scientific symposia within the framework of congresses. 

The designation of female scientists* used here explicitly includes trans, inter and non-binary people.

What can be applied for?

The maximum amount of funding is 2,000 euros each and will be paid according to the travel expenses statement. Regardless of the actual travel costs incurred, the maximum amount that will be reimbursed is the amount promised. A contribution of 50% by the department from which the applicant scientist comes is a prerequisite. Exceptions to this rule are possible if the applicant justifies why the department cannot afford to pay 50% of the travel costs.

NEW: In order to increase the visibility of women* at scientific conferences, applicants giving a talk or lecture can be reimbursed up to 100% of the travel costs.

How can funding be applied for?

Applications can be submitted at any time to the Faculty equal opportunities office (). All submitted applications will be reviewed and decided upon by our committee. Applications must be submitted before the start of the trip!

Funding for these applications will come from the Faculty equal opportunities funds. There are limited funds available and the principle of "first come, first served" will be applied for the allocation.

Please apply using the following document:

Travel allowance application​​​​​​​

Application for support for academics by student assistants during pregnancy, maternity leave, parental leave and care obligations

Who can apply for support and what is it for?

The student assistant is available exclusively to academic staff and serves to relieve pregnant women and parents during routine laboratory tasks and/or office work.

Pregnant women can hand over physically strenuous work or laboratory work that they are no longer allowed to perform according to the regulations of occupational health and safety or maternity protection to the assistant. Parents of small children (0-3 years) can apply for assistance during their parental leave or in the event of care bottlenecks (e.g. if the child is ill or if there are short periods of care in day care). The assistance can also serve to provide general relief for a parent with children under 14 years of age.

What can be applied for?

You can apply for assistance for 5-10 h per week. A student assistant can be hired as an assistant, who must be able to complete the tasks involved. The requirements for hiring student assistants must be met. Applications can be approved for a maximum of 6 months at a time with the possibility of reapplication. The equal opportunities team of Faculty VI welcomes the hiring of female student assistants as a priority for this gender equality measure.

How can the support be applied for?

An application for support by student assistants can be submitted at any time to the Faculty equal opportunities office ().

There is no legal entitlement to support by student assistants from the faculty's equal opportunities funds. The committee examines and decides on the scope of the requested support. The applicant assumes responsibility for the correctness of the information provided. Approval is subject to the availability of sufficient equal opportunities funds. Please take into account that the hiring of student assistants also follows the normal time schedule for new hires (currently approx. 4 weeks).

The following application must be submitted:

Antrag auf Assistenz durch studentische Hilfskräfte

Compensation regulation for the committee work of university lecturers

Faculty VI is in a situation of development and expansion, which sometimes requires increased participation of its members in the committees of academic self-administration. To compensate for this, the following compensation regulation has been introduced for university lecturers who are particularly involved in committee work.

Who can apply for compensation?

University teachers who participate in at least 4 of the following committees (of which at least three are different committee types) within a semester as follows:

  • Senate - as a voting member
  • Faculty Council - as a voting member
  • Deanery - as a voting member
  • Appointment committees („Berufungskommissionen“)1 - as a voting member
  • Head of Department - as Department Director
  • Doctoral Committee - as Chair
  • Medical Ethics Committee - as voting member
  • Research Commission („Forschungskommission“) - as chair or voting member
  • Study Commission - all voting members
  • Bifaculty Study Commission - all voting members
  • Examination boards - all voting members
  • Permanent Habilitation Commission – Chair

What can be applied for?

Compensation in the amount of € 2,000.00 as a material budget can be applied for the respective semester that has just ended.

How can the compensation scheme be applied for?

The compensation can be applied for up to 4 weeks after the end of the semester2 for the past semester in writing to the Dean's Office (), stating the committees. The applicant must provide proof of actual participation in the committee meetings.

1 The semester in which the first meeting of the committee takes place is taken into account.

2 End of the semester on 31.03. and 30.09. of each year.

Coaching for newly appointed professors and other academic leaders

As part of the "Leadership in Science" programme, the University of Oldenburg offers coaching for academics in leadership positions. We would like to warmly recommend this offer to you, dear newly appointed professors at our Faculty. In the context of this coaching, you are also welcome to address topics related to equal opportunities, e.g. family-friendly personnel management, conflict management and the promotion of young academics.

Further information on coaching and the programme "Leadership in Science" can be found here (only in German).

Peer-Coaching Programme by the Graduate Academy

The Graduate Academy offers free Peer Coaching Programmes for experienced PhDs, Postdocs, Junior Research Group Leaders, Assistant Professors, and newly appointed Professors.

With the coaching programmes the Graduate Academy seeks to address the specific requirements of individuals in different career phases, and to support doctoral researchers postdocs and young professors at the University of Oldenburg (UOL) in the best way possible.

Programme 3 „Making a Career after the Postdoc“ (in English language) targets mainly international doctoral researchers in the final phase of their PhD and international postdocs but is also open to German participants who are comfortable with the sole working language of the programme being English. The first cycle of the programme started in the winter term 2019/20. The next cycle will start in the winter term 2023/24. Registration will be possible from spring 2023.

Crèche places Kita Küpkersweg

Together with School V, School VI has a limited number of crèche places at the Kita Küpkersweg in Wechloy ( for children of employees of the two Schools. In varying proportions, this is also made possible by equal opportunities funds, e.g. from large research associations. Vacant places (usually 1-3) are reallocated once a year. The allocation usually takes place in December for the following kindergarten year. The kindergarten year in Oldenburg usually begins on 01 August.


Interested staff members should contact Dr. Cornelia Kranczioch by e-mail between 01 October and 15 December with the following information:

  • Name of the child
  • Date of birth
  • Desired scope of care (half-day or full-day)
  • Occupation/status/scope of employment of the parent belonging to Faculty V/VI or, if applicable, of both parents
  • Duration of the position(s)
  • Funding of the position(s) (e.g. budget, DFG third-party funded project, Research Training Group, Cluster of Excellence)
  • Information on the other parent is optional

In the second half of December, a committee consisting of staff from both faculties will decide which families will be offered a place on the basis of the information provided. If the place is accepted, the child must be registered for the Küpkersweg day-care centre between January 1 and 31 using the regular registration procedure of the City of Oldenburg (


E-mail to Dr. Kranczioch () 01 October to 15 December 2022


Symposium for active recruitment of (female*) professors

An effective instrument for the active recruitment of suitable candidates within the framework of an appointment procedure for professors is the organization of a symposium prior to the announcement. Here, the faculty and the respective department can present themselves and network with the candidates. Two symposia per year can be supported by equal opportunity funds if at least 50% women* are invited and participate. 

If you are interested in receiving funding, please contact us in advance of the symposium at:  

The term women* used here explicitly includes trans*, inter* and non-binary people who define themselves as women.


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