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Here you will find current information on calls for proposals, events and other offers on the topic of equal opportunities.


As of 01 November 2023: Change of first name and gender information for trans, inter and non-binary persons

As of 01.11.2023, all trans, inter and non-binary members and affiliates of the UOL may have their official first name(s) and gender designation changed in documents and personal identifiers that are essential for external effect (e.g. employment contract, mail address, enrolment certificate, etc.).

Students can request this in Stud.IP under Student details -> Change personal data starting on 1 November 2023.

For answers to frequent questions, students please visit

Employees should contact the person responsible for them in Division 1.

Here you find the respective guideline (only in German).


Writing retreat for female* scientists of Faculty VI

November 3 - 7, 2023, Langeoog


What is a writing retreat?

In everyday life scientists often have little time and peace to concentrate on their work. Especially female scientists are often more involved in committee work and teaching as well as family responsibilities. Hence, they have very little time to concentrate on writing publications or proposals. However, these are of enormous importance for an academic career.

The writing retreat is a training for concentrated writing. A retreat refers to a planned retreat and break from everyday university life.

The aim is to offer female scientists an optimal working environment in which to immerse themselves in the individual writing process and to dedicate themselves effectively to scientific publications, proposals and projects.

During the writing retreat there is an almost monastic, fixed routine daily routine, which nevertheless also takes into account the need for exchange (peer review), recreation, exercise and healthy nutrition, as well as contemplation. In addition to the direct text result of the intensive working time, individual writing skills, the establishment of productive work strategies and self-organisation are improved.

* The term "female scientists*" explicitly includes trans, inter and non-binary people.

Who is the offer aimed at?

Female scientists of Faculty VI in the qualification phase.


November 3 – 7, 2023 – Hotel Bethanien; Langeoog. Accommodation is in single rooms with desk, full board, good air and a relaxed atmosphere on the island included.


Free for members of Faculty VI.

Organisation and contact

Dr. Janina Leyk (Gender and Diversity Management)

Sandra Lau (Faculty equal opportunities officer)


Dr. Beate Grünberg and Dipl.-Psych. Christina Hocke.


Please send the completed registration form to by September 15, 2023.
Funding for the writing retreat is provided by the faculty's gender equality funds. There are limited places available. Due to the positive feedback we received last year, we are trying to put together a group with participants from different qualification levels. Should the demand for places exceed the number of places available, we unfortunately have to make a selection of the participants.

Daily schedule

A firm and regular/continuous daily structure promotes the necessary concentration and enables effective slicing.

Interruptions characterise every working day and the economy of attention fizzles out. The writing retreat offers rhythms and routines that promote and enable writing productivity.

The ability to "be present in the moment" is the basis for enjoyable learning and scientific work. The concentrated times for writing are therefore framed by mindfulness practices. A regular mindfulness practice promotes concentration and well-being, mobilizes inner resources that enable creative processes.

Proposed daily rhythm

7:00                           Wake up
7:30-8:15                 Mindfulness training, e.g. morning yoga
8:30-9:00                 Breakfast
9:00-11:00               Writing
11:00-11:15            Tea
11:15-13:00            Writing
13:00-15:00            Lunch
15:00-19:00            Input/Peer Review
16.30-17.00            Fresh breeze - afternoon break
17.00-19.00            Writing
19:00-20:00            Dinner
20:00-21:00            Free time
21:00-22:00            Head free, e.g. meditation
23:00                         Light off!

Gender and Diversity in STEM and Medicine

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