News of the FSR

  • Since the winter semester 2017/2018, the FSR SEM has also been working with students of the Masters Water and Coastal Management and now forms the Student Association SEM-WCM.
  • A new FSR was elected at the SEM General Assembly in October 2019. We congratulate the new members and would like to take this opportunity to thank all alumni and those still active for their previous and current engagement in the FSR.
Student Association

Student Association SEM-WCM

Members of the Student Association for Sustainability Economics and Management in the winter term 2019/20:

Aileen Pfaffe (SEM, 1.), Amelie Bicker (SEM, 1.), André Meinhard (SEM, 3.), Barbara Ehbauer (SEM, 1.), Barbara Faller (SEM, 1.), Christoph Schunke (SEM, 5.), Christopher Evers (SEM, 3.), David Ahlers (SEM, 1.), Franziska Degenhardt (SEM, 3.), Helena Burhorn (WCM, 1.), Jan-Christoph Bädecker (WCM, 3.), Jan-Dirk Strohsahl (SEM, 3.), Janna de Groot (SEM, 4.), Jannis Kreinhop (SEM, 3.), Kai Lambertz (SEM, 3.), Karolin Fonk (WCM, 1.), Katharina Boxberg (SEM, 3.), Kristin Stephan (SEM, 1.), Lars Janßen (SEM, 1.), Lars Reuter (SEM, 3.), Lars von Danwitz (SEM, 1.), Laureen Pahl (SEM, 1.), Lina-Luise Hölter (SEM, 3.), Mai Linh Do (SEM, 1.), Mareike Willems (SEM, 1.), Marie Großmann (SEM, 1.), Maximilian Fröhlich (SEM, 3.), Michael Cordes (SEM, 1.), Paula Christophersen (SEM, 1.), Pauline Langbehn (SEM, 1.), Philipp Niebuhr (SEM, 1.), Stefanie Karl (SEM, 1.)

All students of the master's degree programme in Sustainability Economics and Management (SEM) vote for a student association (FSR) each year at the general student assembly of this programme. Since October 2017, the FSR SEM has been cooperating with students in the Master's program in Water and Coastal Management and has formed the FSR SEM-WCM.

The student association represents the interests of all students in SEM and WCM at the university. It is also trying to improve the study situation for the students in SEM and WCM in the city of Oldenburg. Furthermore it is the counterpart for questions around the master's degree programme in SEM and WCM. 

The work areas of the student association for SEM and WCM are:

  • Organisation of the orientation week for new students in SEM and WCM
  • Organisation of the traditional weekend trip for new students of SEM and WCM
  • Representation of SEM and WCM interests in the faculty boards "Studien-AG WiRe" and Academic Commission
  • Consultation for interested persons in the programme 
  • Consultation for students in SEM and WCM
  • Counterpart for teaching persons in the master's degree programme in SEM and WCM
  • Regular exchange with the programme responsables for the further development of the programme 
  • Representation of students' interests in the admissions committee, audit committee and appointments committee
  • Organisation of student parties (summer festival and christmas celebrations)
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