Student Association

Fields of activity

The work in the FSR is diverse, as we are active in different areas:

  • We advise persons interested in SEM and WCM as well as students and are the counter part for SEM and WCM lecturers.
  • We regularly exchange with those responsable for SEM and WCM in order to further develop the study programs.
  • We represent the interests of SEM and WCM students, for example in the faculty boards, admissions committee and audit committee.
  • Sounds boring? Not really! And aside from the rather bureaucratic tasks, we do organize events such as a weekend trip for new students, student parties and the orientation week (see below).

Communication channels

Again and again...

... events organized by us take place!
... we have important informations for you!
... we ask and need for your opinion!
... there is something new!

We keep you updated via email newsletter, the slack and WhatsApp group. All new for you? Do not hestitate to write us an email and we‘ll add you to the desired channels.

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