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Bachelor and Master theses

Possible topics

Hörtechnik und Audiologie - Engineering Physics - Physik, Technik und Medizin

  • Speech enhancement and source separation based on deep neural networks
  • Multi-microphone noise reduction and dereverberation in acoustic sensor networks
  • Speech enhancement in hearables using in-ear and bone conduction microphones
  • Binaural noise reduction and cue preservation in hearing aids
  • Binaural source localization and mapping (SLAM)
  • Active noise control in headphones and hearables
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Near-end listening enhancement

In addition to the listed topics, also other topics in the area of acoustical or biomedical signal processing are possible. In case you're interested in a BSc/MSc thesis or a student research (HiWi) job, please contact Prof. Simon Doclo.

Current Bachelor/Master theses


Finished Master theses

 2021 Mattes Ohlenbusch (H&A)Informed single- and multi-microphone algorithms for speech communication exploiting an in-ear microphone
 2021 Wiebke Middelberg (EP)GSC-based Noise and Interference Reduction for binaural hearing aids exploiting external microphones
 2021 Klaus Brümann (EP)Blind Geometry Estimation of a Distributed Microphone Array Using Reverberant Speech
 2020 Franz Kunze (Physik)Combined feedback cancellation and acoustical transparency for a multi-microphone earpiece
 2020 Robert Liebchen (H&A)Grey-box modeling of loudspeaker nonlinearities to improve acoustic echo cancellation algorithms
 2020 Henri Gode (EP)MIMO Convolutional Beamforming for Joint Dereverberation and Denoising
 2020 Marc Kreuzhage (H&A)Active Noise Control for hearing devices using Delta-Sigma modulation and low-latency digital filter techniques
 2019 Christian Dachmann (H&A)Evaluation von Quellentrennungs-Algorithmen zur Sprachverständlichkeitsverbesserung von Rundfunk-Signalen
 2019 Max Zimmermann (H&A)Optimisation of single-channel DNN-based speech enhancement
 2019 Daniel Fejgin (EP)Semi-Automatic Magnetic Map Creation For Indoor Localization
 2018 Arne Pusch (H&A)Vorverarbeitung und Störgeräuschreduzierung von Sprache für die Wiedergabe in verhallter und geräuschhafter Umgebung
 2018 Marie-Anne LacroixBinaural source localization for hearing aids incorporating an external microphone signal
 2018 Marvin Tammen (EP)Extension and Evaluation of Multichannel Diffuse Power Spectral Density Estimators
 2018 Jonas Klug (H&A)Development and Evaluation of Weighted Partial Noise Preservation Algorithms for Binaural Hearing Aids
 2018 Javier Deza Sorribas (H&A)Evaluating Feedback Cancellation using a Null-Steering Beamformer for Public Address Systems
 2017 Sven Wilksen (H&A)Analysis and evaluation of multichannel frequency-domain acoustic echo cancellation algorithms
 2015 David Hülsmeier (EP)Extension and Validation of Near-End Listening Enhancement Algorithms for Hearing-Impaired Listeners
 2014 Andreas Volgenandt (H&A)Analysis of multichannel noise reduction algorithms for spatially distributed microphones and sources
 2012 Henning Schepker (H&A)Development and evaluation of near-end listening enhancement algorithms
 2012 Christian Geldmann (Physik)Feinregistrierung von Aufnahmen aus Rasterkraft- und Rasterelektronenmikroskop
 2012 Christian Bartsch (H&A)Sensor Localization in Acoustic Sensor Networks
 2012 Sven Franz (H&A)Analysis of human and algorithmic ability to estimate relative speaker orientation
 2012 Marco Ruhland (H&A)Reduction of Gaussian, Supergaussian and Impulsive Noise by Processing of the Binary Masking Residual
 2011 Stephan Gerlach (H&A)Analysis of joint pitch and position estimation for simultaneous speakers
 2011 Christian Huisinga (Physik)Ein Modell zur Ausbreitung von Funkwellen in Gebäuden und die Integration in TOSSIM
 2010 Ina KodrasiSensor position optimization for superdirective beamforming
 2009 Kenneth De Noel, Mathias VercruysseActive noise reduction for cars
 2007 Bram Cornelis, Karen VanderloockBlind source separation and localisation of multiple speakers
 2006 Salih Gunaydin, Stein HeselmansReal-time implementation of multi-microphone noise reduction techniques in hearing aids
 2006 Jann Beckers, Lode VandevenneBinaural signal processing for hearing aids: Compression
 2003 Steven Van HoefMulti-Microphone Source Localisation and Noise Reduction Techniques for Speech Applications
 2001 Patrick VandewalleSpeech dereverberation techniques for voice-controlled systems
 2000 Dimitri WarnezDetection algorithms for echo and noise suppression applications
 1999 Ann Spriet, Koen VanbleuSpeech enhancement using iterative Wiener filtering techniques
 1999 Ruben GeeromsDSP implementation of spectral subtraction techniques for speech enhancement

Finished Bachelor theses

 2021 Arthur Menezes (EP)Hierarchical Novelty Detection in Visual Object Recognition with Capsule Networks
 2021 Veranika Boukun (EP)DNN-based MVDR beamforming for multi-microphone speech enhancement
 2021 Gustavo Machado Coelho (EP)Performance comparison of a multilayer perceptron and a network based on gated recurrent units in the prediction of temperatures of wind turbine components during normal operation
 2021 Malin Barg (PTM)Auditory Adaptation of Brightness Perception using Morphed Impulse Responses from Hearables
 2020 Haneul Lee (EP)Content provider quality evaluation based on traffic incident data
 2019 Lukas Driller (EP)Movement detection on point cloud based data sets from LiDAR systems
 2019 Wiebke Middelberg (EP)Combination of RTF Vector Estimates in Acoustic Sensor Networks
 2019 Marius Walz (EP)Binaural source localization using feedforward neural networks
 2018 Klaus Brümann (EP)Single-Channel Noise Reduction using Speech-Distortion Weighted Inter-Frame Wiener Filters
 2018 Kira Schlockermann (EP)Betrachtung von magnetorheologischen Fluiden in robotischen Anwendungsfeldern
 2017 Lukas Büsing (Physik)Time-frequency sparsity in speech dereverberation
 2016 Jannis Krumland (Physik)Adaptive Rückkopplungsunterdrückung in Hörgeräten
 2015 Markus Meister (EP)Entwicklung einer Arduino-Plattform zur Ansteuerung eines mobilen Roboters
 2014 Jakob Drefs (EP)Weiterentwicklung und Evaluation eines Algorithmus zur SII-basierten Sprachverständlichkeitsverbesserung in störgeräuschbehafteter Umgebung
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