Dept. of Medical Physics and Acoustics - Signal Processing 
D-26111 Oldenburg 

Tel: +49-441-798 5470 
Fax: +49-441-798 3902 
E-mail: simoyyn.docf2pu7lo(kcacbat5d+) (simodwp6n.kvdoclo@ueeol.hghdevoqs) 

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Research topics

  • Signal processing for acoustical and biomedical applications
  • Adaptive filtering algorithms
  • Microphone array processing for signal enhancement, source separation, sound localisation, echo and feedback suppression
  • Machine learning for acoustical signal processing
  • Distributed and collaborative processing for acoustic sensor networks
  • Computational auditory scene analysis
  • Auditory attention decoding
  • Active noise control
  • Application to hearing aids and cochlear implants


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