Project HurDig

"Network for multilingual hearing and speech intelligibility diagnostics"


The University of Oldenburg is a European leader in the field of speech based hearing diagnostics, particularly in the field of speech intelligibility tests in noise. In addition to the German testing methods (Oldenburg Sentence Test, Oldenburg Children's Rhyme Test, Oldenburg Children's Sentence Test, Göttingen Sentence Test), foreign language tests (English, French, Dutch, Polish, Swedish) were also developed as part of the European Hearcom Project. These tests were developed in cooperation with European partners and implemented in the Oldenburg audiological software. The first version of the software is available as an addition to a commercially available audiometer since the beginning of 2007. A number of development and provision steps (some in close cooperation with the industry) are still necessary to make the use of these tests practical and widely used. They are part of the research project "HurDig".


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