Student Association

Student association

The student association at the Institute of Sport Science introduces itself

We are volunteer students from our Institute who feel like getting involved.
Our meetings take place every

  • Wednesday between 6 and 8 pm.

This is also an open space for students´ individual and current questions.

Our emphasis

  • We advise and inform students and prospective students, e.g. in the form of informative events and first-year students`counselling.
  • We represent the interests of students in our degree programme and in various committees (institute council, faculty council, study commission, BA-examination board, student association plenary meetings (F3V) and thus actively take part in designing teaching and learning.
  • We offer possibilities to meet other students and become mutually acquainted by thinking out, planning and carrying out common activities (e.g. first-semester weekends, sportswoman/sportsman (athlete) parties, end of semester barbecues and further more).

We find it particularly important to work closely together and in constructive ways with teachers and members of the Institute.

You are very welcome to join our work. This could also be possible in the form of organising and/or carrying out of individual projects. Of course we will support you as best as we can implement your own project ideas in in terms of your degree programme or the university in general.

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