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In short

  • Practice oriented
  • Focus on Higher Education Management
  • Duration: January - September
  • Development and implementation of individual projects 
  • 2 contact phases at the University of Oldenburg (5 weeks in total)
  • UNILEAD-international


Scope of UNILEAD


UNILEAD is a short, practice oriented learning programme for young University Leaders in the field of Higher Education Management. In 2008 it was developed in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) (DIES programme) and the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elisabeth (South Africa). 

UNILEAD focuses on different topics within Education Management and aims at fostering innovative projects in the area of organisational development and Human Resource Management in higher education institution. The participants acquire techniques and methods, which enable them to effectively and efficiently organise institutional management in their home institutions.

It is taught in a blended-learning approach (2 online and 2 contact phases in Germany) in a combination of theoretical and practical parts (duration phase: January – September).

The main focus of the programme is the development and implementation of the individual project. UNILEAD therefore offers three different topics and various inputs all related to the successful implementation of projects in the home institutions. The principal module is Project Management.

1) Project Management (PM)

2) Strategic Management and

3) Human Resource Management (HRM).


Since 2012 UNILEAD is also performed in Colombia, Egypt, Vietnam, South East Asia and Southern Africa. In 2020 UNILEAD is organised together with Alumni from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand (UNILEAD international).
Apart from the UNILEAD international courses the University of Oldenburg also offeres topic related workshops for alumni.


Conception of UNILEAD



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