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UNILEAD international

UNILEAD goes international

Since 2012 the University of Oldenburg is offering special focused UNILEAD courses in different regions worldwide as well as workshops on current topics.


UNILEAD South East Asia 2020

In 2020 UNILEAD South East Asia 2020 will take place in Malaysia and Thailand.
Topics are Project Management, Innovation Management, and Internationalisation.

UNILEAD Alumni Workshop 2019

For the first time the University is offering a workshop for female leaders.
Topic for the 15 alumni is "Women in Academic Leadership".
Among theoretical inputs and trainings in Communication and Acting with Leadership, the participants will also have the chance to discuss with a professor from South Africa.

UNILEAD Southern Africa

2016 is the year of UNILEAD Southern Africa!

Together with DAAD and SARUA (Southern African Regional Universities Association), the University of Oldenburg is offering UNILEAD Southern Africa with the three modules Project Management, Finance&Investment and Strategic Management.

UNILEAD Southeast Asia

In 2015 the University of Oldenburg and the DAAD are offering the programme UNILEAD-South East Asia for participants from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.
Offered modules are Project Management, Quality Management and Curriculum Design/Programme Development.


2014 was the year of our Vietnamese version of UNILEAD. During this programme participants studied the modules Project Management, Quality Management and Curriculum Design.


In October 2013 began the first online-phase of the new programme UNILEAD-Egypt. In two online and two contact phases the Egyptian participants will work with the UNILEAD lecturers on the topics Project Management, Strategic Management and Leadership and Human Resource Management.

The programme is organised by the University of Oldenburg (academic input), the DAAD, the DAAD branch office in Cairo/DAAD Kairo Akademie and the Suez Canal University.

UNILEAD Colombia

In 2012 started the programme UNILEAD-Colombia, which was carried out by the University of Oldenburg, the DAAD, the Colombian Ministry of Education, the La Salle University in Bogotá and EAFIT in Medellín.

UNILEAD-Colombia focuses on the three modules Project Management, Strategic Management of Financial Planning and Handling Risks and Human Resource Management including Leadership and was specially designed for managers working in the field of internationalisation.


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