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Postgraduate PhD Program (the page is being created)

Doctorate after graduation? - Occupational field (orientation) Science and doctorate for Master students of faculties I-IV *

*Students of computer science can not apply because the promotion of young talent of the Department of Computer Science takes place via the graduate school oltech and in the 3GO no corresponding mentors are available.


Applications for WiSe 2018/19 can be submitted online by 29 October.
The counseling service will be available again in the summer semester 2019.

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What are goals and content?

With the study-accompanying measure students of the faculties I-IV *, who are in the final phase of their Master studies, should be able to orientate themselves in relation to a scientific career or doctorate. It aims to provide basic knowledge about the PhD phase (financing options, working techniques and strategies, life situation, etc.) as well as to create a space of experimentation and reflection for one's own strengths and weaknesses.

Within a period of six months and, if possible, parallel to writing the thesis

students take part in workshops (kick-off, clarification of the motivation for a doctorate, drafting an idea sketch, application and presentation techniques, decision-making),
  • they are accompanied and networked by mentors (postdocs),
  • they can exchange ideas in self-organized working groups and
  • attend other events such as lectures, doctoral colloquia, workshops and conferences.

Through these elements the participants become more familiar with the doctoral cultures. As a result, there can be a sketch of ideas that can be turned into an exposé - or even the well-considered decision against a doctorate.

What is the background?

In the transitional phase of study and work, especially students of the humanities and social sciences, who usually have no clear job descriptions such as lawyers, teachers or doctors in mind, ask what they should do with their acquired knowledge and skills in the future.

A guided career orientation for the field of science / doctorate and the associated networking with potential supervisors enables a corresponding content and methodological orientation already in the final phase of the study and thus contributes to a quality improvement of the dissertation.

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