Hansen, Hans

Hans Hansen

Hans Hansen




Curriculum vitae

currently with

Schalllabor Hamburg

since 7/2010

Research Associate

since 10/2009

M.A. Philosophy - Philosophy in a European context at FernUniversität in Hagen (part-time).

10/2006 - 6/2010

PhD thesis: Tone-noise dichotomy - investigating tonal content magnitude & pitch strength 

Doctoral scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation

Associate member of the International Graduate School of Neurosensory Science and System.

8/2007 - 8/2008

Visiting PhD student at the 'Sound Perception and Design Group' at IRCAM, Centre Pompidou, Paris.

3/2006 - 9/2006

"Kato Tp 04"-Project - Aircraft Cabin Comfort,

10/2005 - 12/2005

Volunteering at the Chiiori Project, Japan.

6/2004 - 6/2005

Final thesis in cooperation with Daimler AG (Mercedes Benz):
Geräuschqualität von Fahrzeuginnengeräuschen: Einfluss tonhaltiger Geräuschanteile [Sound quality in car interior acoustics: the effect of tonal components].

10/1999 - 9/2005

Student at the Faculty of Physics, Julius-Maximilians-Universität, Würzburg and the Institute of Physics, Carl von Ossietzky Universität, Oldenburg.

Student Exchange at Osaka University (10/2002-8/2003), Japan with OUSSEP.

Student at the Laboratory of Environmental Psychology, Faculty of Human Sciences, Osaka University (S. Kuwano).


 Research Areas

  • Pitch Strength / Description of Tonal Content / Tone-Noise Dichotomy
  • Sound Quality (car acoustics)
  • Cross-Cultural Psychoacoustics
  • Agent-based Modeling of "Creativity" - A Systemic Approach to Creativity (with C. Kahl, University of Hamburg) 


journal articles / book chapters

  • Hansen, H. & Weber, R. (submitted). Partial loudness as a measure of the magnitude of tonal content Acoust. Sci. & Tech.
  • Hansen, H., Verhey, J.L. & Weber, R. (submitted). Pitch strength and the magnitude of tonal content - a review  Acta Acust united Ac.
  • Kahl, C. & Hansen, H. (in preparation). Lärm als Gesundheitsbelastung [Noise and its impact on health]. In T. Kliche & J. Töppich (Eds.), Handbuch der Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung in Kitas. Stand, Grundlagen und  Praxisansätze [Handbook of stress prevention and health promotion in day-care centers].
  • Hansen, H. & Weber, R. (2009) Semantic evaluations of noise with tonal components in Japan, France, and Germany - A cross-cultural comparison. J Acoust Soc Am, 125, 850-862.
  • H. Hansen &  R. Weber (2008). The influence of tone length and S/N-ratio on the perception of tonal content: An application of probabilistic choice models in car acoustics Acoust Sci & Tech, 29, 156-166.

proceedings / printed abstracts

  • Kahl, C. & Hansen, H. (2010). Modeling Creativity from a Systems Perspective: CRESY-I  3rd World Congress on Social Simulation, Kassel, Deutschland.
    Hansen, H. & Weber, R. (2010)}  Partial loudness as a tonal content measure Internoise'10, Lissabon, Portugal.
    Hansen, H. & Weber, R. (2010) Zum Verhältnis von Tonhaltigkeit und der partiellen Lautheit der tonalen Komponenten in Rauschen DAGA '10, Berlin.
  • Hansen, H. & Weber, R. (2010) Die Ausgeprägtheit der Tonhöhe, das Aufösungsvermögen des Gehörs & und die Bildung auditorischer Objekte DAGA '10, Berlin.
  • Hansen, H. & Weber, R. (2009) Pitch strength, tone segregation, and frequency difference limen (abstract).  J Acoust Soc Am, 2009, 126, 2242.
  • Hansen, H. & Weber, R. (2009) Item bias in the cross-cultural evaluation of tonal content. Proc Internoise 2009, Ottawa, Canada.
  • H. Hansen &  R. Weber (2009) Identification and detection of a tone in narrowband noise. NAG/DAGA '09, Rotterdam, The Netherlands .
  • Kahl, C. & Hansen, H. (2008) Modeling an environment to facilitate creativity. Proc 39th European Mathematical Psychology Group Meeting.
  • Weber, R. & Hansen, H. (2008) Intercultural comparison of the perception of tonal components in noise. Proc Internoise 2008, Shanghai, China.
  • Hansen, H. & Weber, R. (2008) Fusion and masking threshold of a tone in narrowband noise (abstract). J Acoust Soc Am, 123, 3162. 
  • Weber, R. & Hansen, H. Sound character ratings by experienced and naive listeners (abstract). J Acoust Soc Am, 2008, 123, 3244.
  • H. Hansen & R. Weber (2007) Comparison of perceptual dimension in Japan, France, and Germany (Poster). Proceedings 2nd International VDT Symposium - sound design
  • R. Weber  & H. Hansen (2007). Perception of noises with tonal components in Japan, France and Germany. Proc Internoise 2007, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • H. Hansen & R. Weber (2007) Effects of duration and S/N ratio of partially masked sinusoids on judged tonal contents. DAGA '07, Stuttgart.
  • H. Hansen, R. Weber & V. Mellert (2006). Pitch salience of weak tonal components with variable durations and levels in noise.  Proc Internoise 2006, Honolulu, USA.
  • H. Hansen, R. Weber, U. Letens (2005). Quantifying tonal phenomena in interior car sounds.  Proc Forum Acusticum 2005, Budapest, Ungarn.
  • H. Hansen, R. Weber, U. Letens (2005).  Subjektive Bewertung der Tonhaltigkeit in der Fahrzeugakustik.  DAGA '05, München.
  • H. Hansen, R. Weber, T. Matsui, S. Kuwano, and S. Namba (2004) Evaluation of sound quality affected by tonal components in Germany and Japan CFA/ DAGA '04, Strassburg, Frankreich.
  • M. Morinaga, H. Hansen, R. Weber, T. Matsui, S. Kuwano, S. Namba (2004) The effect of virtual pitch on sound quality.  The proceedings of the autumn meeting of the Acoustical Society of Japan, 445-446.
  • H. Hansen, R. Weber, T. Matsui, S. Kuwano, S. Namba (2003) The effect of tonal components on sound quality. Acoustic Society of Japan, Research Council of Noise and Vibration, N-2003-08.

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