Christopher Haut

Christopher Haut
M.Sc. Hörtechnik & Audiologie
Room: W2-0-060
Tel.:+49-441-798 3585
Fax:+49-441-798 3698

curriculum vitae
currently with
Schalllabor Hamburg
since 08/2009
Freelancing soundengineer for NDR (Northern Germany State Broadcast)
since 06/2009

Aeroacoustic measurement project (third party founded)

06/2008 - 05/2009

Master Thesis in the Acoustics workgroup at Oldenburg University
Master thesis: "Entwicklung einer adaptiven Mikrofonanordnung mit HRTF-Richtcharakteristik" [Design of an adaptive microphonearrangement simulating HRTFs]

03/2008 - 08/2008
Aeroacoustical measurements in cooperation with Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG
since 10/2006

Master Student in Hearing Technlogy and Audiology at the Oldenburg University

09/2002 - 09/2006 Student in Hearing Technology and Audiology at the University of Applied Science Oldenburg
Diploma thesis in cooperation with Schoeps Mikrofone: "Programmierung und Evaluierung einer parametrisierbaren Doppel-M/S Dekodierung für ein 5.1 Surround-Abmischung" [Programming and evaluation of a parametrizable Double-M/S-decoding concerning a 5.1 surroundmix]
08/1999 - 02/2002
Apprenticeship as a TV-Technician

research area
  • Aeroacoustic measurements in windtunnel
  • HRTF Measurements
  • Physical acoustics

selected publication
  • Christopher Haut, Jacqueline Rausch, Volker Mellert (2008), "New measurements of head-related transfer functions with an optimized ear-canal microphone.", J Acoust Soc Am. 2008 May ;123 (5):3009 18529353
  • Helmut Wittek, Christopher Haut, Daniel Keinath, (2006), "Doppel-MS – eine Surround-Aufnahmetechnik unter der Lupe" [Double M/S – a Surround recording technique put to test], Tonmeistertagung 2006,Leipzig.

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