Silvia Lipski


Silvia Carmen Lipski
Dr. phil.

Room: W2 0-070
phone: +49-441 798 3562
fax: +49-441-798 3698


Research Areas


  • Automatic classification of human vocalizations that signal cases of emergency in nursing homes.
  • Neural signatures of heard and imagined speech.
  • Acoustic and neural correlates of articulatory learning
  • Phonetic analysis of dysarthric speech
  • Perception and neural processing of nonnative speech sounds



Curriculum vitae

since 10/2009

Student of Audiology and Hearing Technology, University of Oldenburg, Germany.

07/2010 – 01/2011

Post-doctoral researcher at the Klinik und Poliklinik für Neurologie, Klinikum der Universität zu Köln (Clinic of Neurology, University of Cologne), Germany.

11/2009 – 05/2010

Post-doctoral Researcher at the Landesexzellenzcluster ‚Linguistic Management in Urban Areas, LiMA’, University of Hamburg, Germany.

10/2007 – 09/2009

Post-doctoral researcher at the Max-Planck Institute for Neurological Research, Cologne, Germany (Max-Planck Society grant).

01/2006 – 09/2007

Post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Linguistics at the University of Konstanz, Germany.


Dr. phil: ‘Neural correlates of fricatives across language boundaries’. University of Stuttgart, Germany.

06/2005 – 12/2005

Researcher at the Institute of Natural Language Processing at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

05/2002 – 05/2005

Doctoral student in the GRK 609 ‘Linguistic Representations and their Interpretation’, University of Stuttgart, Germany. (DFG grant)


Magistra Artium degree in Linguistics and German language and literature studies, University of Stuttgart, Germany.


‘Linguistics and German language and literature studies’, University of Stuttgart, Germany and University of Oregon, USA.



Journal articles

Meister IG, Lipski SC, Hartinger M, Tittgemeyer M, Fink GR. Under review. Altered recruitment of cortical networks subserving speech in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Lipski SC, Escudero P, Benders T. (2012) Language experience modulates weighting of acoustic cues for vowel perception: an event-related potential study. Psychophysiology, early view. Lipski SC, Unger S, Grice M, Meister IG. (2011) Masked auditory feedback affects speech motor learning of a plosive duration contrast. Motor Control, 15(1), 68-84. Escudero P, Benders T, Lipski SC. (2009) Native, non-native and L2 perceptual cue weighting for Dutch vowels: The case of Dutch, German, and Spanish listeners.Journal of Phonetics, 37, 452-465. Lipski SC, Mathiak K. (2008) Auditory mismatch negativity for speech sound contrasts is modulated by language context.Neuroreport, 19, 1079-1083. Lipski SC, Mathiak K. (2007) A magnetoencephalographic study on auditory processing of native and nonnative fricative contrasts in Polish and German listeners. Neuroscience Letters, 19, 90-95.


  • Lipski SC. (2006) Neural correlates of fricative contrasts across languages.University of Stuttgart, Germany.

  • Conference proceedings / printed abstracts

    Lipski SC, Thulke J, Wu T, Hu A, Gabriel C (2010) Aspects of rhythm in the speech of multilinguals., International Conference on Multilingual Individuals and Multilingual Societies (MIMS), 6.10. 2010, Hamburg, Germany. Lipski SC, Unger S, Grice M, Meister IG (2009) The effect of occluded auditory feedback on articulatory learning., 158th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, 26.-30.10. 2009, San Antonio, TX, USA. Meister IG, Hartinger M, Lipski SC, Fink GR (2009) Altered recruitment of cortical networks subserving speech in patients with Parkinson’s disease. , Neurobiology of Language Conference, 15.-16.10.2009, Chicago, IL, USA. Lipski SC, Unger S, Grice M, Meister IG (2008) Auditory perception influences speech motor learning. , 8th International Seminar on Speech Production, 8.-12.12. 2008, Strasbourg, France. Lipski SC, Escudero P, Eulitz C (2007) Cue-specific vowel distinction reflected in auditory evoked brain potentials for native and nonnative listeners., 5th Int. Symposium on the Acquisition of Second Language Speech, 25.-28.11. 2007, Florianópolis, Brasil. Lipski SC, Lahiri A, Eulitz C (2007) Differential height specification in front vowels for German speakers and Turkish-German bilinguals: An electroencephalographic study., 16th Int. Conference of Phonetic Sciences, 6.-10.8. 2007, Saarbrücken, Germany. Lipski SC (2005) Neural correlates of fricative contrasts across language boundaries., 1st Acoustical Society of America Workshop Second Language Speech Learning, 14.-15.05. 2005, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Lipski SC (2005) Neural correlates of speech sound perception - Acoustic, phonetic, and phonological processing., Phonetik & Phonologie 2, 19.-21.07. 2005, Tübingen, Germany. Lipski SC, Mathiak K (2005) Auditory system tunes in to context of speech sound contrasts., 9th Int. Conference for Cognitive Neuroscience, 5.-10.09. 2005, Havana, Cuba. Lipski SC, Mathiak K (2004) Phonological representations in the auditory cortex., 14th European Second Language Association, 8.-11.09. 2004, San Sebastian, Spain.

    Teaching and supervision

    since 2011

    Supervision of two Bachelor’s theses in physics at the University of Oldenburg on the topic of auditory, speech-based brain computer interfaces. Co-supervision with Helge Lüddemann, principal supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dr. Birger Kollmeier.

    since 2010

    Supervision of a Doctoral thesis in medical science at the University of Cologne, Department of Neurology. Topic: Dysarthric speech in Morbus Parkinson, testing the Lombard effect in spontaneous and read speech. Principal supervisor: Dr. Ingo G. Meister.


    Supervision of a Master’s thesis in phonetics at the University of Cologne, Department of Linguistics. Topic: Articulatory learning and auditory feedback. Principal supervisor: Prof. Dr. Martine Grice.


    Supervision of Master’s thesis in phonetics at the University of Cologne, Department of Linguistics. Topic: The influence of augmented auditory and somatosensory feedback on articulatory learning. Principal supervisor: Prof. Dr. Martine Grice.


    : ‘Neural organization of speech motor control’, University of Cologne, Department of Linguistics. With Prof. Dr. Martine Grice.


    ‘Workshop Neurolinguistics’, University of Amsterdam, Department of Phonetics.


    ‘Neurolinguistics’, University of Konstanz, Department of Linguistics. With Prof. Dr. Carsten Eulitz.


    ‘Pronunciation training for German’, University of Applied Sciences, Konstanz.


    ‘Phonetics and Phonology’, Euromedizinalkolleg Stuttgart, School for Logopedics.

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