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Institutional Repository oops

Publishing on oops

„oops” the Oldenburg Online Publication Server offers Oldenburg University faculty a quick and  simple procedure for publishing their scientific papers online. (For the English interface set your browser's primary language to English.)

oops also allows undergraduates, postgraduate and post-doc students to publish their final thesis (BA, MA, doctoral or habilitation thesis) online.

Dissertations and Habilitations on oops

The Carl von Ossietzky University’s various departments have different regulations and requirements for the publication of doctoral theses. One form is the electronic publication of a dissertation on the university’s institutional repository /oops/.

Given recent events, note the following information on cumulative or publication-based dissertation before submitting your dissertation or parts thereof for publication.

  • Should your cumulative dissertation contain elements (e.g. chapters) that have already been published as articles in journals, clarify with the respective publishers whether or not these may be published as secondary publications on oops as part of your dissertation. BIS as operator of oops requires a notification from the publisher in writing that this usage right remains with you or that the publisher allows you to publish the respective segments on /oops/.
  • If you are intending to publish your dissertation or parts thereof in the future, clarify with the publisher before the publication on /oops/ whether or not you transferred or will have to transfer the exclusive usage or dissemination rights to the publisher. Should this be the case, the publication on /oops/ is not possible, unless the publishers gives the explicit permission.
  • If you already published your dissertation on oops and intend to publish it or parts thereof with a publisher, inform the publisher beforehand that your submission is part of a finalized doctoral promotion at the Carl von Ossietzky University and that the entire dissertation has been published on oops.

Generally, you should avoid transferring usage rights/copyrights to a publisher in excess of those that the publisher actually needs for the publication. Try to avoid transferring exclusive rights. Should this be part of the publisher’s contract negotiate towards a change in the contract. The conditions set forth in a publishing contract are negotiable!

Publishing, Searching and Browsing on oops


 Searching and browsing

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