The ChemOL school laboratory for primary school classes

The ChemOL school laboratory was established in 2002 and pursues two fundamental goals:

  1. Primary school pupils should gain their first experience with chemistry. Special emphasis is placed on ensuring that the experiments and the associated knowledge meet the demands of primary school pupils. They learn scientific working techniques and basic concepts and thus expand their knowledge in a playful way. As a rule,

    a class spends a whole morning in the laboratory with a lab coat and protective goggles.

  2. Teachers are to be enabled to cover the somewhat neglected part of science teaching in a professional manner.
  3. ChemOL is part of the study programme for students of science education at the University of Oldenburg; they participate in the supervision and are thus supposed to gain experience in dealing with children while experimenting.

In the ChemOL training courses, teachers are introduced to the basic subject concepts, they are familiarised with adequate experiments for the classroom and shown ways to carry out the ChemOL experiments with a class.

Further general information on ChemOL can be found here.

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