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Prof. Dr. Timm Wilke

Prof. Dr. Timm Wilke

Timm Wilke was appointed to the full professorship of Chemistry Education in 2023. A brief introduction can be found here. His research focuses particularly on:

  • Didactic reconstruction of current research topics for schools and student laboratories, currently focused on nanotechnology, (photo-) catalysis, functional materials, and (nano-) medicine.
  • Development of digital teaching and learning tools (e.g., LabPi) with accompanying teaching and learning formats for education and research. These thematic areas are synergistically networked in the development of (digitally) enhanced learning environments in student and teacher laboratories, with artificial intelligence playing a central role.

The work in all three research areas is closely linked with school practice and all three phases of teacher education.

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Academic Career

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Selected publications

  • A. Fruntke, M. Behnke, L. M. Stafast, T. Träder, E. C. Dietel, A. Vollrath, C. Weber, U. S. Schubert*, T. Wilke*: "Targeted drug delivery: Synthesis of smart nanocarriers for school chemistry education", J. Chem. Educ. 20232, 751. LinkCover
  • A. Fruntke, N. ter Horst, C. Bley, B. Blümbott, M. Behnke, L. M. Stafast, A. Vollrath, U. S. Schubert, T. Wilke, "Nanomedicine in Chemistry Education: Development of a digital learning environment with real life experiments", W. J. Chem. Educ. 2023, 3, 97-103. Link
  • M. Wejner, T. Wilke, "LabPi: A digital measuring station for STEM Education 4.0", J. Chem. Educ. 20222, 819-827. Link
  • T. Schütt, M. Wejner, J. Kimmig, S. Zechel, T. Wilke*, U. S. Schubert*, "Improvement of high-throughput experimentation using synthesis robots by the implementation of tailor-made sensors", Polymers 20223, 361. Link
  • T. Wilke, "Synthese von Bio-Oktan aus Pflanzenabfällen: Second Generation Biofuels", ChiUZ 20214, 264-271. Link
  • M. Wejner, T. Wilke: "Low Cost – High Tech: Die digitale Messstation LabPi", CHEMKON  2019, 7, 294-300. Link
  • R. Saadat, B. Bartram, T. Wilke, "Made to Measure: Easy Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposites with Tailored Functionalities for School Chemistry Education", W. J. Chem. Educ. 20192, 65-71. Link
  • J. Dege, T. Waitz, S. Haffer, V. Pietzner, R. Abu-Much, M. Hugerat, T. Wilke, "Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles – A Teaching Course Model for School Chemistry Education", J. Nano. Educ20161, 1-11. Link
  • T. Wilke, R. Abdelaziz, M. Elbahri, S. Schwarzer, "Nachhaltige Nanochemie – Zwei einfache Green Chemistry-Synthesen für den Chemieunterricht", CHEMKON  2017, 4 178-191. LinkCover
  • S. Schwarzer, R. Abdelaziz, M. Elbahri, T. Wilke, "Wenn ein Wassertropfen zum Nanolabor wird – Gold-Nanopartikel aus dem Tropfenreaktor", CHEMKON  2016, 4, 188-190. LinkCover

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