Graph Technologies

Begin: 01.01.2010


Prof. Dr. Andreas Winter
M.Sc. Jan Jelschen
M.Sc. Johannes Meier

In contrast to text-based information, the representation of information in graph-based form allows a more and more flexible linkage of information with each other. Graph-based artefacts can be linked with each other in a very simple way by adding additional edges. Another big advantage is the fast searching and navigation within graphs following and focusing on edges instead of nodes. Therefore, in software engineering graphs are used to store various kinds of information. To enable strongly typed information, graph schemas are introduced.

This research area focuses both on methodologies for graphs, and graph algorithms, and on their practical support by tools and their application within projects and companies. The research activities target the whole life cycle of software, in particular initial software development, improvement, analysis, and modernization by transformation.


Completed Theses

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