Study guidance on "Digitalised Energy Systems

Jörg Bremer

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The Master's programme can only be started in the winter semester. The study plan provides for the acquisition of 30 ECTS per semester for full-time study.

Recommended study plan

Examplary study plans

Part-time study

Part-time study is possible and can be applied for for at least one semester. According to the regulations governing part-time study (Annex 103), applications for the acquisition of 40%, 50%,60%, 70% and 80% of the planned credit points are possible. The study credit will be extended accordingly. In order to apply for part-time study, an interview with the subject-specific academic advisor is required, in which an individual, tailor-made study plan is developed with the student. A part-time study plan with 30 ECTS per academic year could look like this, for example:

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