Hanse Law School

A New Approach To Studying International and European Law

Hanse Law School is an international Law study programme, organised by three co-operating universities (Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Bremen University and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Netherlands). The Hanse Law School offers the Bachelor study programme "Comparative and European Law" and the  and Master study programme "Transnational Law", both with the possibility of gaining profound knowledge in German and Dutch Law and the Law of the European Union. Additionally, the most important areas of English Common Law that are necessary for business practice and law are taught.

After four years of study in Oldenburg and Bremen including one year abroad successful students are awarded the degree "Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)". Besides the core law courses students participate in interdisciplinary courses, such as economics, political science or foreign languages. The last year allows students to plan their internship and the bachelor thesis including its defence.

The Hanse Law School also offers a post-graduate Master study programme. After one year of studies, successful students are awarded the degree "Master of Laws (LL.M)" and the Dutch "Meester in de Rechten, M.R.). With a special combination of Dutch law courses, the so-called "effectus civilis" is awarded, enabling the post-graduate to work as a lawyer.

The Chair of European Economic Law at the University of Oldenburg contributes the following courses to the Hanse Law School curriculum:

- Introduction to International and EU law

- Judicial Protection and Fundamental Freedoms

- Internal Market Law Harmonisation and Competition Law

- Moot Court

- Sachenrecht

- Competition Law

- Intellectual Property Law

The adjacent chairs in Oldenburg offer the following Hanse Law School-courses:

- Persönlichkeits-, Gleichheits- politische Grundrechte

- Wirtschaftsgrundrechte

- Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht

- Kapitalgesellschaftsrecht

- Grundlagen des Arbeitsrechts

- Internationales- und EU Arbeitsrecht

- Niederländisch (Fachsprache)

- Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Wahlpflichtkurse

Hanse Law School in a nutshell:

- International orientation

- International degrees

- Broad education, based on scientific principles

- Good student to professor ratio (35/year)

- One year abroad

- Legal terminology and language skills

- Traineeship (14 weeks)

- Practice-oriented

- Interdisciplinary skills: economics, political science

- Double-diploma (german/dutch)

- Bar exam

- Hanse Law School Network

- Postgraduade qualification (PhD)

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