What will you retain from EcoMol?

"My highlight of the EcolMol PhD program is the deep bond between the PhD students, who despite the different disciplines but also because of that, learn, work and celebrate together in an exemplary way." (Nils)

The highlight during my PhD was the intensive collaboration on collaborative research approaches and the related exchange and gain of competences in our very interdisciplinary graduate network.” (Corinna)

Mein Highlight des EcolMol Promotionsprogramm ist die tiefe Verbundenheit der Doktoranden, die trotz der unterschiedlichen Disziplinen aber auch aufgrund dessen, beispielhaft miteinander lernen, arbeiten und feiern.” (Nils)

Certainly, some highlights during my PhD within EcoMol were the monthly seminars and workshops at Etelsen and on Spiekeroog Island, which offered a unique opportunity for meaningful discussion and stimulated my scientific curiosity!” (Lars-Erik)

Doctoral and Master candidates

Christopher Dibke
(WP 1)

Did a Master  in Marine Geosciences and is now Doctoral Student in der Organic Geochemistry group.
Tel.: +49-(0)441-798-3629 | Room: W15 2-238
Christopher is about to submit his thesis.

Vanessa Schnaars
(WP 2)

is pursuing her PhD in the General and Molecular Microbiology Group at the ICBM, Oldenburg University.

OL Wechloy, W3 0-093, Tel: +49 (0)441 / 798-3613

Vanessa is about to submit his thesis.

Simone Heyen
(WP 3)

Simone finished her Doctoral theses in December 2020. Now, she holds a Postdoc position at the Organic geochemistry group at ICBM, Oldenburg University.

Lea Böttcher (née Oeljeschläger, WP 4)

Lea conducts her Doctoral studies in the ICBM-MPI Bridging Group for Marine Geochemistry at ICBM, Oldenburg University.

PHONE: (49) 441-798-3743

E-MAIL: lea.oeljeschlaeger@uol.de

Tel.: +49-(0)441-798-3629 | Room: W15 2-238

Ana Raquel Jácome Lopes (WP 5)

Ana conducted her PhD studies in the Engineering Department at Jade University of Applied Sciences in Cooperation with the ICBM, Oldenburg University and finished in summer 2020.

Now, she holds a position as Laboratory Supervisor at Jade University of Applied Sciences.


Lars-Erik Petersen (WP 6)

Lars did his PhD in the Environmental Biochemistry Group at ICBM before he moved to Israel, where he is now holding a postdoctoral position in the Vardi Group - Microbial Interactions in the Ocean.

Yvonne Schadewell
(WP 7)

Yvonne started her PhD thesis in WP07. Next to her research, she is chairperson of the PhD council.


Leon Dlugosch
(WP 8)

Leon conducted his PhD studies in the Biology of Geological Prozesses - Aquatic Ecology group at ICBM, Oldenburg University, where he subsequently accepted a position as postdoctoral researcher.

Mara Heinrichs (WP 9)

Mara finished her PhD thesis by the end of 2021.

Julian Merder
(WP 11)

After finishing his PhD in the Theoretical Physics (Complex Systems) group at ICBM, Oldenburg University, Julian moved to the Carnegie's Department of Global Ecology in Stanford, US as a postdoctoral researcher.


Oliver Ferdinand
(WP 12)

Oliver conducts his doctoral studies mainly at the DFKI laboratory in Lower Saxony which focusses on Marine Perception.


Miram Libertat Gerhard (WP 13)

Being funded by the DAAD, Miriam was an associated PhD candidate of the EcoMol graduate program.

Since she finished in 2020 she serves as a postdoc in the Plancton Ecology group.



Corinna Mori
(WP 14)

Nils finished her PhD in 2020 and is now a postdoctoral researcher in the ICBM research group for Marine Isotope Geochemistry.

Julija Liemke
(WP 7)

Julija jumped in to Work package 7 as a Master student in the Animal Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology group and will finish her thesis early in 2022.


Jan-Ole Reese
(WP 09)

Jan-Ole conducts his Master thesis in the framework of WP 09.

Berin Arslan-Gatz (WP 09)

Berin conducted her Master thesis in the framework of WP 09. Now she builds up on her experiences in her PhD-project at the University of of Campania, Italy.

Nils Hintz
(WP 13)

Nils conducted his Master project in the framework of WP13 and subsequently his PhD project in the Plankton Ecology group, where he is still working.

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