Contact persons

If you have a conflict with supervisors, superiors or doctoral researchers that you cannot resolve on your own, please contact:

Dr. Ferdinand Esser:

Dr. Ferdinand Esser will listen to you, advise you and put you in touch with an ombudsperson. He will treat your concerns confidentially and will only involve other persons if you agree to this. The German Research Foundation publishes the following recommendations on good academic practice .

Commission for Good Academic Practice of the UOL

Ombudspersons of the University

... are low-threshold contact persons for all students and employees of Oldenburg University and help to clarify intercultural and other misunderstandings at an early stage, mediate experts in conflict resolution and thus ensure a positive working atmosphere.

Ombudspersons of School V

Ombudspersons of Oldenburg University

Ombudsman for Science

... is an independent body established by the German Research Foundation (DFG) to assist all scientists and scholars in Germany of any employment status with questions and conflicts in the area of good academic practice (GWP) or scientific integrity.

Ombudsman for Science

Good Scientific Practice

Good Scientific Practice

Good scientific practice is the overall prerequisite for research and teaching. Its goal should be a self-critical attitude towards the obtained scientific results. The exact observance of discipline-specific rules for dealing with sources and data must be consistently adhered to. External and own preliminary work must be completely and correctly accounted for.

Principles of good academic practice at the University of Oldenburg

Scientific work at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg is governed by the Guidelines ofgood scientific practice of05.10.2022 (Guidelines of good scientific practice, English version), drawn up by the Investigation Commission for Scientific and Artistic Misconduct, which take up the recommendations of the German Research Foundation of 1998.

If scientific misconduct is suspected, a procedure is initiated; the contact persons are the Chairs of the Ethics Committee.

Guidelines to Ensure Good Academic Practice of the German Research Foundation (DFG) 2019

Quality assurance

WORKSHOP "Good Scientific Practice - Protecting Scientific Integrity"

The main objective of the workshop "Good Scientific Practice - Protecting Scientific Integrity" is to learn the basic rules and values for responsible research at all stages of doctoral studies according to local, national and international regulations and guidelines. Participants explore the differences and grey areas between good scientific practice, questionable research practice and scientific misconduct. They learn how misconduct can be identified and prevented, how it should be dealt with and what damage it can do if not handled properly.

Further information can be found here

e-Learning Course "Good Academic Practice in Doctoral Studies

Good Research Practices during the Doctorate

How should research results be documented? What is the right way to cite? How does one handle image sources? Answers to questions about correct scientific work practices are provided in the eLearning course "Good Research Practice during Doctoral Studies" that is available in German and English language. GRADE, the (post)graduate academy of Goethe University, has designed this course, which has won prizes by now, to be interdisciplinary and has made it available to the University of Oldenburg and its doctoral candidates among others

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