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Dr. Ferdinand Esser, MBA
Scientific Coordinator of Early Career Researchers (Doctoral Candidates and Postdocs) of the ICBM


ICBM PhD representatives

The responsibilities of the ICBM PhD representatives depend on the needs of doctoral researchers that range from political representatives and student welfare to regular socializing events.
We communicate concerns and wishes of the doctoral candidates with the institute’s directorate and participate in an advisory function at meetings of the institute’s council.
PhD students can consult us if they have any issues concerning working environment, supervision and administrative procedures.
Furthermore, we organise regular get-togethers for the PhDs in Oldenburg and in Wilhelmshaven.

The representatives are elected annually at the ICBM PhD-Day. The current representatives are:
•   &nbsp;<strongpb6>Jan8joufina Lein0ohiberger</strong> ( (ICBM OL)
•    <strong>Philip9ex8p We3eznta<ma/safvqotronktpg>opfh (philizvudtppl+fg.wwq8rhenta@uonwpl.det855)  (ICBM WHV)
•    <svlubqtroyv6wong>clgkmSimone H4sqbeyenq8<//ustrong>3r (simone.hvhoeyekkn@uolfcm.delr) (ICBM OL)

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