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Organic Elemental Analyses

Analyses of organic and total carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur in solid (sediments, soils) and liquid (sea-, pore-, and fresh water) samples.

Location: Oldenburg

CHNS Analyzer

CHNS Analyzer, Elementar vario EL cube

Responsibility: Kerstin Adolph, Regina Grundmann

Measured parameters: Total carbon (TC), total sulfur (TS), inorganic carbon (TIC) 

Sample matrix: Solid phase (powder, sediment, filter retentate)

Sample preservation: Dried, ground, and homogenized sample material

Sample storage: closed containers, dry, room temperature

Sample volume: 1-50 mg organic matter (pure), 600 mg soil

Measured range: 0-40 mg abs (C), 0-3 mg abs (H), 0-15mg abs (N), 0-6 mg abs (S), 0-0,6 mg abs (S with infrared detector).

TOC Analyzer

DOC and TDN Analyzer, Shimadzu TOC-VCPH and TOC-LCPH

Responsibility: Matthias Friebe

Measured parameters: dissolved organic carbon and total dissolved nitrogen

Sample matrix: Aqueous (sea-, pore-, and fresh water)

Sample preservation: Filtration (0.2-0.7 µm, pre-combusted glass fiber, PES, PTFE); acidification with HCl (pH=2)

Sample storage: Pre-combusted glass vials, HDPE bottles, fridge (4°C)

Sample volume: 10-20 mL

Measured range: 20 - 4000 µM

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