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Formal instructions for the preparation of seminar papers, Bachelor's and Master's theses[Download].

Master and doctoral thesis

PIN has only very limited capacity for supervising theses. For this reason, bachelor's theses can unfortunately not be supervised in general.

For a Master's thesis, please contact . To discuss your request and forward it to the appropriate staff member, we need an email with the following information:

  1. letter of motivation
  2. justification for the choice of subject area
  3. details of previous course of study + grades
  4. topic proposal/ outline

If suitable, we will then arrange an appointment to discuss the topic as well as the formalities for writing an exposé. Students of the part-time Master's programme in Innovation Management can also contact Dr. Severin Beucker or Dr. Ralph Hintemann.

Published Master's theses

Bernd Heimann:
Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education: Nachhaltige Schülerfirmen als Ansatz zur Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung im Fach Politik-Wirtschaft  [Download]

Mattis Bläsing:
Der Stellenwert grüner Technologien in Technologie- und Gründerzentren in Niedersachsen und Baden-Württemberg  [Download]

Kamil Frontczak:
Sustainable Business Plan – Start-ups und  Nachhaltigkeit [Download]

Lisa Chichowitz:
Gründungsförderung in der Green Economy. Besonderheiten grüner Energiegründungen und daraus resultierende Anforderungen an Inkubatoren.  [Download]

The research work of the adjunct professorship Innovation Management and Sustainability focuses on theoretical questions of evolutionary economics and interaction economics as well as empirical and application-related aspects of innovation management, the generation of sustainability innovations and "green" future markets as well as environmentally oriented entrepreneurship (eco-entrepreneurship).

Doctoral theses are supervised in the above-mentioned fields.

(Changed: 20 Apr 2022)