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Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter is primarily responsible for the Eco-Entrepreneurship specialization course and the extra-occupational master’s programme in "Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship" which is carried out at the Centre for Lifelong Learning (C3L).


Extra-occupational Master Programme "Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship" (general information)

The part-time Master's programme "Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship" follows the Master's programme Innovation Management. In addition to the content on innovation management already taught in the past, the course now also teaches important fundamentals of entrepreneurship: driving innovation forward in one's (own) company requires entrepreneurial thinking to uncover market opportunities and develop suitable business models.

The programme is aimed at

  • Young talents/executives and specialists who are entrusted with challenging tasks in innovation management or who are about to take on such tasks in the future.
  • Young professionals who are currently or in the future working in an innovation-oriented organization.
  • Employees who act as entrepreneurs in the company.
  • Founders, entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to recognise, assess and fill entrepreneurial fields of action - through existing or newly founded organisations.
  • Intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs who want a toolbox for successful innovation management.

Graduates of the Master's programme Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship have comprehensive business management knowledge and can successfully master organisational and management tasks, which are particularly important for the innovation activity of an organisation, as an (internal) entrepreneur.
are familiar with the possibilities and limits of managing innovation processes and strengthening the innovative capacity of a company. They

  • are able to develop, market, sustainably manage and legally protect innovations with the help of methods and are familiar with various possibilities for financing and evaluating innovation and investment projects and can lead projects to success.
  • are aware of the importance of the personal dimension of successful change and innovation management and can analyse its implications for their own field of activity.
  • are familiar with the foundation, management and takeover of companies.
  • have acquired entrepreneurial thinking and acting.

Further information on the new degree programme and contact persons for student counselling on the C3L website.

Extra-occupational training - Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS)

A CAS - Certificate of Advanced Studies consists of one or two modules. You will gain at least 10 credit points with the successful completion. With the CAS - Certificate of Advanced Studies, you study selected modules from a Bachelor's or Master's degree program, which will of course be credited if you later take up the complete degree program.

With the CAS - Certificate of Advanced Studies, you will receive extensive training in a thematic focus in just a few months.

Here you will find an overview of the CAS - Certificate of Advanced Studies within the framework of the Master's program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship:

CAS – Innovationskooperationen und Marktentwicklung

CAS – Rechtlicher Schutz für Innovationen

CAS – Gründungsökonomie / Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

CAS – Controlling, Finanzierung und Investition

More information about the CAS within the Master's program Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship can be found here (in german) Flexible Weiterbildung für Innopreneure

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