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Finances: Tuition, costs and scholarships

Tuition fees

The University of Oldenburg is a state financed institution, and most courses of study do not require tuition fees. However, all students do have to pay a semester contribution (semester fee), among other things for the semester ticket.
Information on tuition and semester contribution

Scholarships and finances

As an international student at a German university, you have the opportunity to receive financial support from the university, or to apply to external foundations and organisations for scholarships.
List of funding opportunities of our university's Servicepoint Scholarships

Scholarships final thesis (STIBET)

International students who expect to finish their programme (bachelor, master) in the upcoming semester can apply for a graduation scholarship. These scholarships are funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The application deadline for the winter semester is in June, and for the summer semester, in January.

Financial emergencies


The Student Council (AStA) can grant an interest-free loan of up to EUR 1,000 to bridge financial bottlenecks. Please contact AStA by e-mail at and state your request and a telephone number.

One-off aid

If the loan from the AStA is not sufficient to cover your living expenses, the International Office can grant a one-off allowance in urgent financial emergencies. Please contact with your request and a telephone number.

The Protestant Student Congregation (ESG)  ant the Catholic University Congregation (KHG) can also make one-off payments in justified cases. Please use the consultation offer of the respective institution.

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