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Claudia Martsfeld

University of Oldenburg
Department of Computing Science
Escherweg 2
26121 Oldenburg

Tue/Thu/Fri 9am  - 3pm

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Prof. Dr. Susanne Boll

University of Oldenburg
Department of Computing Science
Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems
Escherweg 2
26121 Oldenburg

+49 (0) 441-9722 213

+49 (0) 441-9722 202

Final Theses

Specific topic suggestions and topic areas of our department can be found under Open Topics.

Open theses of the Department of Computer Science in general can also be found in StudIP: Thesis Topics.

Guides and tips for final theses

Please also read the department's pages with guides for writing theses.

The Bremer Schreibcoach is a comprehensive online guide for academic writing in higher education: Schreibcoach.

How do I manage my writing time properly? How do I manage not to put everything off until the deadline? This readable article from audimax I.T. 11/2015 provides a few tips.

TeX templates for the proposal and the Bachelor's or Master's thesis

For the preparation of the thesis, you must prepare a so-called proposal in consultation with the supervisors, in which the motivation, scope, concrete tasks and other conditions of the thesis are defined. We have prepared a [LaTeX template] for this purpose.

A LaTeX template is also available for the subsequent preparation of the Bachelor's or Master's thesis.

Applying for a thesis

Bachelor's and Master's theses in our department are coordinated centrally. If you are interested in a thesis, please send us an email with the following information:

  • In which 1-3 topics or research areas are you particularly interested? Do you already have a more specific idea or are you interested in the area in general?
  • What is the basis of your interest in writing the thesis in this particular topic? Maybe you already know the subject area from previous student projects or you saw an interesting project from the field of study elsewhere? (Of course, it is also no problem if you have no direct previous experience with the topic and it just sounds interesting).
  • What are your strengths? Do you have previous experience that fits particularly well with work in our department? This does not necessarily have to mean courses from our department; experience from other courses or personal projects can also be very relevant. Most of the proposed topics and research areas, include an overview of relevant skills. In general, strengths in human-centred design, implementation of software prototypes and user-centred evaluation of prototypes, possibly in experiments, are often relevant in our theses. Not quite as often, but still regularly, Augmented/Virtual Reality, development in Unity or the construction of hardware prototypes comes into play.

Mikołaj Woźniak

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