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Section for Physiology and Modeling of auditory Perception

Are you interested in writing a bachelor or master thesis, preferably starting in 2024? We offer BSc and MSc thesis topics for students from the Neuroscience, Hearing Technology and Audiology, Physics, Engineering and Medicine, Physics, Engineering Physics, and Mathemathics programmes. :

Do you want to do a project in our group and have not found a topic yet? Just contact or any other group member!


Current theses

Year Student Topic
2023 Carlotta Wall  
2023 Anna-Lena Reinsch  
2023 Alina Kleinow  
2023 Janique Reinwaldt  
2022 Swantje Hansen  
2022 Mira Richts  

Finished theses

Year Student


2023 Helen Kasim The Effects of Independent Automatic Gain Control on Spatial Hearing of Individual Bilateral Cochlear Implant Users: Computational Modeling and Psychoacoustic Experiments


Natalie Brüggemann Measuring the Binaural Interaction Component with Interaurally Antiphasic Chirp Stimuli
2022 Paul Viggo Hinze

Modelling binaural hearing with a shot noise- and a conductance-based model using different synaptic inputs


Timur Divanoglu Lateralization at the upper frequency limit of interaural phase difference sensitivity
2022 Anna-Lena Reinsch Auditory model-steered diagnostics: An experimental proof of concept
2021 Marten Jürgens

Altersabhängigkeit der Wahrnehmung verschiedener interauraler Unterschiede

2020 Jakob Dießel

The Effect of Compression Parameters on Monaural and Binaural Objective and Subjective Measurements (Bachelor Thesis)

2020 Lea Jung Comparison of different measurement techniques for tonotopic matching between left and right cochlear implants (Master Thesis)
2019 Helen Heinermann The frequency limit of interaural phase difference perception: Behavioral data and modeling (Master Thesis)
2019 Kristin Isabel Bracklo Dependence of binaural masking thresholds on bandwidth and interaural time delay (Master Thesis)
2018 Lisa Schmors Modeling Sound Lateralization Based on Interaural Time Differences Using Spiking Neural Networks (Master Thesis)
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