Section for Physiology and Modeling of auditory Perception

List of possible projects for Bachelor and Master thesis

Topics for Computational Neuroscience Projects (MSc thesis):

Back-end modelling: How the response of mid-brain neurons relates to auditory perception

Topics for BSc or MSc thesis in Hearing Technology and Audiology, Physics, or Engineering Physics:

Psychoacoustics: Combination of conflicting auditory cues


Besides the here listed topics, there are always possible other projects for BSc or MSc thesis, internships and research assistant positions. Please contact Prof. Mathias Dietz for more information.

Current Master thesis

Year Student Topic
2019 Lea Jung To be confirmed
2018 Helen Heinerman The frequency limit of interaural phase difference perception: Behavioral data and modeling

Finished Master thesis

Year Student Topic
2019 Kristin Isabel Bracklo Dependence of binaural masking thresholds on bandwidth and interaural time delay
2018 Lisa Schmors Modeling Sound Lateralization Based on Interaural Time Differences Using Spiking Neural Networks
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