BSc and MSc theses / Internships

Section for Physiology and Modeling of auditory Perception

We offer BSc and MSc thesis topics for students from the Neuroscience, Hearing Technology and Audiology, Physics Technology and Medicine, Physics, Engineering Physics, and Mathemathics programmes:

  • Bimodal cochlear implants: Optimize the interaction of a hearing aid in one ear and a cochlear implant in the other ear as part of a project with the ENT clinic and a CI manufacturer
    (The project can only commence once the Covid-related restrictions have been relaxed.

The following projects are well compatible with the Covid-related constraints:

  • Back-end modelling: How the response of mid-brain neurons relates to auditory perception
  • Modeling the detrimental influence “bad electrodes” in cochlear implant subjects (together with Volker Hohmann)
  • Binaural hearing in normal hearing subjects: analytic modelling

Besides the here listed topics, other BSc or MSc projects can often be arranged for students of the above-mentioned programmes. We are looking forward to talk to interested students. Please contact Prof. Mathias Dietz for more information.


Current theses

2021Marten Jürgens

Altersabhängigkeit der Wahrnehmung verschiedener interauraler Unterschiede

Finished theses

2020Jakob Dießel

The Effect of Compression Parameters on Monaural and Binaural Objective and Subjective Measurements (Bachelor Thesis)

2020Lea JungComparison of different measurement techniques for tonotopic matching between left and right cochlear implants (Master Thesis)
2019Helen HeinermannThe frequency limit of interaural phase difference perception: Behavioral data and modeling (Master Thesis)
2019Kristin Isabel BrackloDependence of binaural masking thresholds on bandwidth and interaural time delay (Master Thesis)
2018Lisa SchmorsModeling Sound Lateralization Based on Interaural Time Differences Using Spiking Neural Networks (Master Thesis)
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