Variable Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Variable Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Our "workhorse" is an Omicron VT-UHV-STM 50 K, which has been (and still is being) modified and optimized in our group for years. It is our original self-developed scanning thermal microscope (SThM) based on the commercial device. 

Pressure Range: 

  • Prep chamber: Atmospheric pressure down to 10-8 hPa
  • Main chamber: down to 10-10 hPa

Sample Temperature Range: 

  • LN2: down to 100 K
  • LHe: down to 50 K
  • Direct sample heating: up to 650 K


  • Prep chamber:
    • argon ion sputter
    • sample heater
    • (inactive) thermal effusion cell
  • Main Chamber:
    • sample heater
    • (inactive) Auger-Electron spectrometer
    • scanning tunneling-/ scanning thermal microscope
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