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Attosecond Microscopy

We are a research group in the field of experimental physics at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. We develop new experimental methods to study charge carriers in and around nanostructures and interfaces on their natural length and time scales. In particular, we are interested in how charge carriers can be controlled with optical fields in heterogeneous structures. To this end, we combine attosecond laser pulses and electron microscopes with nanometer resolution.

Our research

Ultra-short laser pulses

In our laboratory, we generate and measure ultrashort laser pulses with a duration of just a few femtoseconds. We use these to investigate highly non-linear processes in gases and solids.

High harmonics

We generate attosecond light flashes in noble gases at high repetition rates in order to study charge carrier dynamics in solids in the most exciting time range: When electrons and light oscillate coherently.

Electron microscopy

We combine photoemission electron microscopy with previously unattainable strong light fields to image charge carriers on surfaces and control them directly with the light field.

On our own behalf

Latest news

Regular reports on new, exciting developments in our group can be found here.

Group members

Our group is made up of a mixture of people who are united by their enjoyment of laboratory work.


From an internship to a postdoc: we are looking for you. Contact us without obligation!

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