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Attosecond Microscopy

Welcome to the website of the junior research group "Attosecond Microscopy".

We are a research group in the field of experimental physics at the Institute of Physics of School V at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg. Every day, we work to advance into new realms of spatiotemporal resolution that no one has been able to explore before. We develop new experimental methods to be able to investigate charge carriers in and around nanostructures and interfaces on their natural length and time scales. In particular, we are interested in how charge carriers can be controlled with optical fields in heterogeneous structures.

Our work is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) as part of the Emmy Noether Programme from 2022 and is supported at the university in particular by the UNO and ULTRA working groups, among other things by allowing us to share parts of their labs and equipment.


Electron microscope and laser

The tenders for the photoemission electron microscope and the pump laser are well underway, and the invitations to submit quotations were recently sent to the successful companies in the first round. Unfortunately, there will be no delivery for Christmas (this year).

Merry Christmas!


Two positions for doctoral candidates in our junior research group are currently being advertised. Take the opportunity and apply! Many topics are combined in our group. You can learn a lot, a broad prior knowledge is not necessary. However, a large portion of curiosity is desirable.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Interview with "photonworld"

An interview with us was published on the website "photonworld". The occasion is the approval of the Emmy Noether junior research group in Oldenburg. The website is generally concerned with the topic of light and the transfer of knowledge, especially to schoolchildren. It accompanies the PhotonLab at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Garching and is closely linked to Prof. Dr. Ferenc Krausz's group there.

Press release of the university

The University Press Office has prepared a press release on the launch of this junior research group and published it today. Many thanks in particular to Sonja Niemann for writing the release and Markus Hibbeler for the photos. Thanks also for the effort it took to find your way around both in Wechloy and in the field of Physics. Hopefully there will be another opportunity for collaboration soon.

Lab Tour / Photos

After an appointment with the press office on Monday to take photos for a press release, today it was time to visit labs 5 and 6 (UNO/ULTRA, UNO) with our own camera. Some pictures have now ended up in the "Research" submenu for illustration purposes.

It takes shape

A month has passed far too quickly, I was in Lund for just under two weeks before the lecture period began. Since then, a few things have been set in motion. The specifications for the large-scale equipment are now at the DFG and will hopefully soon be published in the form of a call for tenders. In addition, there is now this website and, indispensable in everyday university life, this junior research group now has a financial and cost centre for the Emmy Noether Project. This would allow us to spend money, which would mean the official start of the project. But at best, this should not happen with a package of disposable gloves, size M, in the laboratory supply store. There should be a better opportunity...

Funding commitment

Today, we received written confirmation of acceptance into the DFG's Emmy Noether Programme, thus laying the foundation for this working group. Many thanks to all the supporters in Oldenburg and Lund, without you this probably wouldn't have worked. Thanks also to the reviewers and the Emmy Noether Panel of the DFG for the positive reviews. Now we have to live up to expectations and use the funding in a targeted way. Let's go!

We are grateful for the support of

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