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Ultraschnelle Nano-Optik


Willkommen auf der Internetseite der Arbeitsgruppe Ultraschnelle Nanooptik! Auf den Unterseiten finden Sie aktuelle Informationen zu unserer Forschung, den Gruppenmitgliedern sowie Möglichkeiten für spannende Abschlussarbeiten und offene Stellen.

Bachelor/Master-arbeit in der Arbeitsgruppe

Interessierte und physikbegeisterte Studierende können bei uns in der Arbeitsgruppe ihre Bachelor- oder Masterarbeit anfertigen.

Unter "Stellenangebote" findet sich eine Übersicht, ihr dürft aber auch einfach bei uns in der Arbeitsgruppe vorbeischauen.

Cheers and heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Wöste for triumphantly defending his thesis

Through meticulous research and diligent analysis, Dr. Andreas Wöste has defended his thesis showcasing his profound understanding on electron point projection microscopy, skillfully navigating complex concepts with clarity and insight.

What an incredible feat! This milestone is not just a celebration of academic prowess but also a testament to boundless curiosity and relentless dedication. Here's to Dr. Woste's remarkable achievement and the bright future ahead filled with endless possibilities and discoveries!" His research work on plasmon nano-focussing based electron holography is a profound contribution to the current scientific community and opens a lot of promising future avenues in further advancements in the field of microscopy and optical detection. Dr. Woste's dedication, expertise, and innovative approach are truly commendable. In spirit of his academic achievement fellow colleagues engineered a personalized doctoral cap highlighting details of his relentless journey. This achievement marks a significant milestone in their academic journey, and I have no doubt that their contributions will continue to inspire and shape the future of scientific inquiry."

Congratulations to Dr. Anitta Rose Thomas for successful thesis defense

With rigorous and careful examination, Dr. Anitta has successfully defended his thesis, displaying her understanding about underlying mechanism of ultrafast electron transfer dynamics in cryptochrome proteins.

Navigation of migratory birds has always been a mystery for the whole scientific community. Thus, revealing the quantum mechanical nuances behind this navigation mechanism has always been a keen interest for physicists. Dr. Anitta has spent her precious time during her Ph.D. seeking answers to questions such as how fast the electron transfer process happens in the proteins of these migratory birds. This will help the scientific community develop a deeper understanding of the supposed compass these birds carry inside their bodies. To honor her journey, fellow colleagues engineered a personalized doctoral cap highlighting details of her thesis work. With all of this, many congratulations to her, and we wish her luck for her future endeavors.






Promoviert: Herzlichen Glückwunsch Dr. Chimeh!

Wir gratulieren Abbas Chimeh herzlich zur erfolgreichen Verteidigung seiner Doktorarbeit! Alles Gute für die Zukunft!

Gratulation Dr. Korte & Dr. Smirnov

Wir gratulieren Anke und Vladimir herzlich, die letzte und diese Woche jeweils erfolgreich ihre Doktorarbeiten verteidigt haben. Gerne haben die AG-Mitglieder auch in diesen Fällen wieder Zeit in die Vorbereitung individuell gestalteter Doktorhüte gesteckt, die charakteristische Stationen der Promotionszeit darstellen. Alles Gute für die Zukunft!

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