The Practical Component Module

  • at least 8 weeks work placement
    • must be certified by the business/company, either
      • with an appropriate certificate from the examination office as a career-oriented work placement
      • with the company’s own certificate, or
      • with a work placement reference from the company
      • If you wish to do your work placement in food service, please see me first
  • an accompanying class to prepare for or follow the work placement
    • this can be chosen from
      • the designated classes pertaining to the work placement and
      • work placement oriented classes (e.g. work placement in marketing + an accompanying class in marketing) with lecturers who are entitled to give examinations and are prepared to accept your work placement report (please speak with them in advance!)
  • the work placement report (roughly 12-15 pages)
    • should be collected by the lecturers who teach the accompanying classes (and have agreed to do so in advance)

Accreditation options

  • a completed state-recognized apprenticeship
    • accreditation takes place through the examinations office with
      • application for accreditation
      • certified copy of examination certificate or presentation of original with a copy
  • a work placement of at least 12 before the beginning of studies + report (12-15 pages)
  • accreditation takes place through the work placement service point
    • Application for accreditation
    • Certified copy of work placement certificate or presentation of original with a copy
    • Work placement report
  • semester abroad with acquisition of 12 KP; may not be applied to other credit + study abroad report (12-15 pages)
    • Application for accreditationEquivalency certificate
    • Certified copy of certificate showing 12KP acquired abroad or presentation of original with a copy
    • Study abroad report
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