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LearnWerkstatt Elementary Mathematics

Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg Institute for Mathematics Didactics of Mathematics Carl-von-Ossietzky-Str. 9-11 26111 Oldenburg

W01 1-123

Prof. Dr. Ralph Schwarzkopf


Welcome to the LernWerkstatt!

The LernWerkstatt Elementary Mathematics (W01 1-123) is the teaching-learning laboratory of the Didactics of Mathematics at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg. It offers students and teachers the opportunity to discover various mathematical materials from everyday school life, to try them out and to test them with students.

In addition to textbooks, workbooks and teacher materials, there are numerous diagnostic materials, support boxes, games and teaching materials.

The LernWerkstatt is available to all students and teachers during opening hours for learning, working and exchanging. In addition, there are numerous regular offers related to the study of elementary mathematics.

Opening hours

Due to the current situation, the LernWerkstatt will remain closed until further notice! We ask for your understanding and wish you good health!

Information on changes to the opening hours will be communicated via the homepage.

Materials and textbooks

In the LearningWorkshop, we have various diagnostic and support materials as well as diverse visual aids for the different areas from the KCs. Individual materials are presented in detail to the users of the LearningWorkshop as part of our monthly changing exhibition.

Within the framework of the LernWerkstatt, it is possible to borrow materials for courses and seminar presentations. Our staff are always available for exchange. In dealing with visual aids and materials, the prospective teachers' judgemental competences with regard to the adequate use of support materials are expanded.

Diagnosis and support

In the LernWerkstatt seminars, students design diagnostic and support environments for learners in primary and lower secondary schools under scientific supervision. The wide range of materials in the LernWerkstatt offers numerous opportunities for action-oriented and explorative learning.

How do we help?In the LernWerkstatt seminars, your child can be supported by students of elementary mathematics under scientific guidance. Due to the current situation, we will provide support on four afternoons in the semester via the online meeting tool of the University of Oldenburg. You will be sent an invitation link to the secure meeting room individually. The seminar enables the students to try out their teaching role and to contribute new ideas.

Contact.parents contact us at . Briefly describe how we can help your child through the support. What was observed in class? How is homework going at home? Which topics from maths lessons are particularly pressing?

Ifwe think that our support could be helpful for your child, we will invite you to one of the 20 available places in the seminar. The support sessions take place in November (weeks 47 and 48) and January (weeks 2 and 3). There we take a close look at which ideas your child has already developed, which tasks can already be calculated with confidence and where help is still needed, and we specifically develop appropriate learning environments to offer this help.

For students. The LernWerkstatt seminars are assigned to module ema011 or ema012 in the course of study, depending on the school level/major. The module is 2 LVS. In the first weeks, the theoretical basics of competence-oriented mathematics teaching are worked out, the contents from module ema010 are refreshed, small groups are formed to plan the support sessions and the conception begins.

On the agreed dates, each of the groups conducts their support with the invited pupils online. The experiences and observations of the groups are presented and discussed in joint sessions at the end of the semester.

The course is usually offered in the winter semester. The choice is made via Stud.IP.

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